A Disorganised Blogger Plans Her Blog Posts: August

So last week, I wrote about my top tips for blogging (read the post here), however as someone who fails to head their own advice I since ignored my own plans to post a few more regular blog posts. No worries, I’m back again with a post where I’ll be planning out my blog posts for the month ahead. 

Unfortunately this is probably not the best month to demonstrate how I’ll be attempting to plan my blog posts as I’ll be heading away on holiday for the majority of August so rather than sticking to the 2- 3 blog posts a week that I’ll be trying to stick to in the future you’ll be getting a grand total of one post a week. 
On the bright side, as it’s August and I’m on holiday, I’ve got some summery-themed posts planned. 
So let’s get planning: 
Now, I’m not a fan of using digital methods to plan – if I set a reminder on my phone I’ll just repeatedly ignore it until I eventually just mark it as done because I’m tired of the notification popping up. 
So this time round I’ll be writing all my plans in a notebook. But I’m a perfectionist so I’ll make a loose plan on scrap paper and transfer it to a nice new notebook (or a notebook that was being used as an attempt at a bullet journal that completely failed so I ripped half the pages out). 
I’m starting with an “Ideas” page where I’ll just be chucking any ideas that come up but won’t have a place in my current month plan. As you can see it’s currently empty, but I’m sure I have various ideas scattered across my notes app on my phone. 
I’ll also probably decide that I want to fill this page with sticky notes filled with my ideas so I don’t have to cross things out when I’ve written the posts – I’ll simply remove the notes. This means that I will always have a space to add new ideas right at the very front of my notebook. 
Next, I decided to add a page to insert a page to add some stats just out of interest so I can see if there’s any monthly growth in my views. I also added a section to input my top blog posts so that I can see what sort of posts are most popular among my readers. 
Now that I’ve started a blog-specific Instagram (follow me here!), I also added a section to track my growth there. 
I also decided to add a calendar-style page for a visual cue of what I plan to post on each day. This includes blog posts, Instagram posts and Instagram stories. This just allows me to glance quickly at the page and see what I need to do on that day. 
Finally I added a log for every post that I’m planning on making, with options to tick when it has been written and posted, and for when I’ve also posted an accompanying Instagram post and story. 
So that’s how I’m planning on planning my blog for the foreseeable future. I’ve never managed to stick to this sort of thing before but hopefully I can keep it up. 
The August Plan is as follows:
Normally I’d be aiming to have a post up every Monday, Thursday and Saturday or Sunday, however I’ll be travelling to France for a holiday on the 8th so I will only be posting once 
Saturday 1st – My August Playlist
Monday 3rd – How to Survive a 12 Hour Journey
Thursday 6th – My Summer Reading List 
Monday 10th – Why I Prefer Visiting a Lake to Visiting the Sea
Monday 17th – A Guide to Taking Your Dog on Holiday
Monday 24th – The Ultimate Guide to Summer Photo-shoots
(And I’m still debating the last post of the month, sorry!)

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