New Year, Same Goals

For those of you that have maintained interest in this little blog of mine (or, more accurately, these multiple little blogs of mine) for the few years that I have attempted to keep them up, this blog post must by now seem to be an expected, annual tradition.

Or, possibly, more frequent than annual, as I am well aware that every time I have a long, relaxing, thoughtful bath and decide to enter yet another short-lived phase of self improvement the first thing I do is write a blog post proclaiming my goals to write a post every week, or some nonsense like that.


Here we are again.

And of course, typically, I am writing this when I should be writing an essay (sorry mum, I do work sometimes, I swear) so my promises are coming from a brain that would much rather being doing anything that isn’t describing why Paris is a capital of modernity.

Nonetheless, with the New Year in full swing already (look, let’s just say nothing counted as 2020 until I got back to uni, please), here I am (once again!) pledging to keep this god-damned blog updated.

So, who knows, expect some of those reviews of tourist attractions in Nagoya that I should have written over a year ago (I know, I’m awful, that’s what this whole post is about) on my other blog, maybe some nonsense here (look I still do not know what this blog is supposed to be about – I certainly don’t get out enough to call it a ‘lifestyle blog’, whatever that means), and, if we’re really lucky I might start doing gig reviews again on that long-forgotten music blog, if any kind soul wants to fund me going to gigs (just a suggestion).

And a random photo of my dog because otherwise the blog looks super plain, and who doesn’t love pictures of dogs?

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