Ellie Might Blog… From time to time

This isn’t my first attempt at a blog, nor will it be my last.

The thing is, perhaps my life is not interesting enough to blog. I never seem to have enough content for this kind of personal blog (lifestyle blog, I guess… if you want to get fancy and pretentious).

Perhaps that will change, as I embark on a gap year.

One thing that will definitely change is my amount of free time, which I will be able use to force myself to write, if necessary.

I will need that free time, what with three blogs of my own that I’m attempting to manage (not to mention others that I am applying to contribute to!).

If you want to take a peak at the other two blogs then you can check them out using the following links:

Unmusically Inclined (A Music Blog)

Unnatural Habitat (A Travel Blog)

Meanwhile, you can subscribe to this blog if you fancy a mishmash of opinions, random thoughts and, who knows, maybe even the occasional creative fiction piece!

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