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  • ‘Rona Ramblings: An Ode to House Seven

    Oh, House Seven Talybont! More like home, for less than a year. Even though more time we’ll always want, We’ll hold the memories dear. Oh, pres in the flats! Squished into one small kitchen, Across from the circuit laundromat.  Fueling our alcohol addictions. Oh, House Seven’s nights out! We’ll make it down to YOLO. Absolutely […]

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  • Expiry Date

    Like a carton of milk, every relationship has an expiry date. Some lucky people might have an expiry date far in their future, when they die. Maybe it’ll be sooner, when things in the relationship start to go wrong. Either way, the expiry date is unknown, not marked in the relationship’s packaging. Ignorance is bliss […]

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