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  • Twin Atlantic | Tramshed Cardiff | 24.08.2021

    Twin Atlantic | Tramshed Cardiff | 24.08.2021

    It’s been a while since live music was a thing. A long, long while. Which is why, when my boyfriend and I noticed Twin Atlantic were playing at Tramshed, we couldn’t resist but to grab some tickets and welcome back live music. I’ll be honest with you, before the concert, I was not a huge […]

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  • Build A Problem: Track by Track

    On the 7th May, Dodie released her debut album, Build A Problem. I’ve been pretty damn excited to listen to this one, as I’ve been a big fan of Dodie for quite some time – in fact you can read my review of her 2019 EP, Human, here. Of course, I’ve got to be honest, […]

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  • Human EP: Track-by-Track

    January 24, 2019  This time last week, dodie released her latest EP, Human. Since it’s announcement back in September I have been eagerly awaiting it’s release, to the extent that I actually decided to give it a proper, detailed listen and type up my first impressions as I listen to the EP, track-by-track. So, of […]

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  • A Fever Dream: Track-by-Track

    August 21, 2017 (Old Blog) On the 18th August 2017, Everything Everything released their fourth album, titled ‘A Fever Dream’. Having waited weeks for this release, I though that it would only be fair to share my first impressions with you, so here we go… My reactions to every track on ‘A Fever Dream’ : […]

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  • La Musique Francophone

    November 22, 2016 (Old Blog) Ever found yourself needing to get in the zone for a French test, but unable to shut off from the rest of the world? Try plugging your headphones in and tuning out from the rest of the world with some French language songs. Maybe you’ll even find yourself listening to […]

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  • Lost Songs (Found) EP: Track-By-Track

    Okay so today Two Door Cinema Club released a few songs that seem to predate their 2010 album Tourist History and have previously only been available on pretty dodgy YouTube recordings, if at all. So for those of you who are familiar with my music blog, you’ll recognise this format of my first impressions of […]

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