Lady of the Lake: A Review of Llyn y Fan Fach

Stop 2, was Llyn y Fan Fach, a big lake in the Brecon Beacons. Originally, the plan was to make it to the lake before sunset and watch as the sun went down by the lake. Fraser and I aren’t the best at sticking to plan though, and we were already pretty exhausted from our earlier walk in Pontneddfechan, so after a false start walking not even halfway up the hill to reach the lake, we decided to head back down and try again in the morning. Not to see the sunrise, though, we’re not crazy (or early risers).

Anyway, apparently there’s a little folklore tale related to this spot, about a beautiful girl who arose from the lake to marry some guy, on the condition he would not hit her three times. Unfortunately he did hit her three times eventually, so the lady and some cows went back into the lake. I’m sure the story sounds better when told right, but I’m not here to discuss folk legends.

I have to say it was a pretty long, uphill walk from the car park. Which was fine, I wasn’t expecting anything less, this was an outdoorsy, hiking kind of holiday. But I have little weak legs, so it took us quite a while to reach the lake and I was quite tired.

At the lake, there wasn’t exactly much more to do other than look at the lake. It was a nice lake, very large. We went fairly early in the morning, but not too early, when all the hardcore walkers are about, so we were the only people there. This was quite an ethereal feeling, being all alone by a huge lake in the morning, before the fog had lifted.

The Useful Bit

Location – The car park we used was Llyn y Fan Fach Car Park, Llangadog, Llanddeusant SA19 9UN

Opening Hours – It’s a lake so I don’t think there are particular opening hours. I’m not sure about the car park, and it’s worth noting that you are not allowed to camp, though there is a campsite nearby.

Cost – Free.

Other Useful Things to Note – As mentioned, no camping. Also, there’s another lake if you continue following the walk a bit further, but we were pretty tired and planning to head to our next stop pretty early, so we decided not to bother. The path towards the lake was uphill, but not awfully steep, and an otherwise simple route.

Ratings By Ellie

Ellie’s General Opinion – 6/10

It was definitely a nice stop, and the view was worth the walk. If you’re not going to head to the other nearby lake, it’s not really a whole day trip. The walk was a little boring for me, pretty but not particularly stunning until you reach the lake itself. And god, it was tiring (I hate walking uphill).

Instagramability – 5/10

You can get a nice photo of a lake, but that’s about it to be honest. I took a few nice pictures, but they certainly weren’t the best photos I ever took.

Possibility of Spotting a Character from a Folk Tale – 7/10

Apparently you can still see a well-marked furrow running right across Myddfai mountain to the edge of Llyn-y-Fan-Fach. This supposedly proves that the story of the lady of the lake is true, but you won’t see her, personally.

So that’s a rather late bit of info about the second of many stops along our road trip. Can’t believe it took me this long, but I had many ideas of other posts to write. Overall, this was a nice little morning walk, but not a particularly exciting stop. Still, worth the walk and I enjoyed the views.

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