Build A Problem: Track by Track

On the 7th May, Dodie released her debut album, Build A Problem. I’ve been pretty damn excited to listen to this one, as I’ve been a big fan of Dodie for quite some time – in fact you can read my review of her 2019 EP, Human, here.

Of course, I’ve got to be honest, while I used to write these Track-By-Track blog posts as I listened to an album for the first time, this one, like the last, has been written after a couple of listens because I was just too excited to wait. Sorry!

dodie build a problem doddleoddle music album debut review

  1. Air So Sweet

First Line: I run barefoot, shoes at the door

Last Line: oh, this is what I’m living for!

Favourite Line: oh, this is what I’m living for!

Why is it my favourite line? It’s nice, it’s positive, and it makes think of all the good things in my own life that I am living for.

Makes me think of… Happy, candid, unplanned moments. You know, the little ones.

Good for… Definitely running barefoot on some grass. Preferably in a flowy dress.

2. Hate Myself

First Line: Could it be different?

Last Line: When you go quiet I hate myself

Favourite Line: Oh so illogical, I’m not magical I can’t read your mind!

Why is it my favourite line? I’m not always great in a social situation and there’s often a lot of social cues and hints that people make that I genuinely just don’t pick up on. It confuses me, and it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who can’t seem to read others minds. Like if you say “alright!” are you asking me if I’m alright… I’ll never know.

Makes me think of… Awkward social interactions.

Good for… I find this a really good song for tidying up. I’m not sure why, it just helps me.

3. I Kissed Someone (It Wasn’t You)

First Line: I kissed someone, it wasn’t you

Last Line: But it just made me miss you more.

Favourite Line: I kissed someone, it wasn’t me

Why is it my favourite line? Yeah… I’ve kissed the wrong person a few times in my life, and sometimes it does just genuinely feel like “Uhhh!! who is making these choices? Not me!”

Makes me think of… 😦

Good for… This is definitely a song for listening to while lying on a cold, hard, wooden floor. I don’t have one of those, but I think it would sound better if I did. Or possibly listening to it from under the water in a bath.

4. Cool Girl

First Line: I carry the time we don’t talk in a backpack

Last Line: Oh so easy

Favourite Line: Rolling your eyes, to the backs of your heads // Surely you know how to close them instead

Why is it my favourite line? I find it quite amusing, and also really do visualise a pretty intense eye roll. But the close them instead bit is a little bit funny to me. Like, dude, do you have to roll your eyes like that. Just keep it to yourself.

Makes me think of… Getting ready for some sort of classy social event.

Good for… Putting make up on, before going to hang out with people you don’t really want to hang out with.

5. Special Girl

First Line: It’s not my fault

Last Line: I think that I’m a special girl

Favourite Line: I don’t think there’s a particular line that stands out here for me, because they all weave together quite well.

Why is it my favourite line? To take a singular line and proclaim it better than the rest wouldn’t work for this song in my opinion.

Makes me think of… I’m not really sure. It’s definitely a bit self indulgent though.

Good for… Sing this one, by yourself, in your room, alone. Bob up and down a little too.

6. Rainbow

First Line: I was brought up in a line

Last Line: Well, it makes me feel alright

Favourite Line: I never asked to be this way

Why is it my favourite line? Obviously this is a bit of a song for all the LGBT+ people out there, and this line sort of emphasises that you don’t just choose to not be heterosexual, it’s the way you are, it’s just you. I think a few people probably need to hear and understand that.

Makes me think of… A sunny day, but there’s some fluffy clouds floating gently in the sky. And a rainbow, obviously.

Good for… Sitting on a balcony, in the sun. With a hot drink though, a sweet one, like a tea with extra sugar or a fruit tea. Not a hot chocolate though, something lighter than that.

7. ?

First Line: ??????

Last Line: ???

Favourite Line: There are not any words in this one, sorry.

Why is it my favourite line? Uhhhhh.

Makes me think of… Floating.

Good for… Another submerging yourself in bath water song. Dodie is good at those. This bath in particular has got some rose petals in.

8. Four Tequilas Down

First Line: It’s 5am when you close the door

Last Line:  So just hold me like you mean it, we’ll pretend because we need it

Favourite Line: Four tequilas down

Why is it my favourite line? I like tequila, it’s yummy. I don’t like being four tequilas down as much though, because the last time I did that, I broke a window. It’s been less than four tequilas down for me since then. Wish I could be four tequilas down though. I can’t, I haven’t got the alcohol tolerance.

Makes me think of… It’s that bit of time after a night out or a party and everyone’s sleepy and relaxed but the alcohol is still in everyone’s systems so things are a bit blurry and hazy. There’s just a few people around, because most of them have gone to bed. Whoever is in charge of music has forgotten about it, so there’s some very random songs playing quietly in the background.

Good for… Taking your make-up off and heading to bed.

9. .

First Line: Another lyric-less song.

Last Line: Which kind of makes me think that this may not be the best format for an album review because not all songs have lyrics.

Favourite Line: That said, I’m not so great at writing about music, so I sort of latch on to lyrics, because, well, I know about words.

Why is it my favourite line? Please, there are no lines.

Makes me think of… The sunrise. Not that I’m ever awake early enough to experience it but I’m sure this is what a sunrise feels like.

Good for… A gentle wake up.

10. Sorry

First Line: It happened fast

Last Line: Is sorry

Favourite Line: And oh, didn’t want to believe such a monster in me

Why is it my favourite line? I think it expresses the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself after doing something wrong. You don’t want to believe you’re capable of doing whatever it is you’ve done. And describing it as ‘a monster in me’ sort of distances Dodie from her actions, it wasn’t her, it was the monster in her. I think that’s interesting.

Makes me think of… Every bad thing I’ve done ever.

Good for… The last song on your sad playlist. But by end of the song, you’re just about drying your tears and planning how you’re going to move on from whatever you’re sad about.

11. When

First Line: I think I’ve been telling lies

Last Line: Oh it’ll be over, and I’ll still be asking when

Favourite Line: I’ll take what I can get

Why is it my favourite line? I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a positive line or a negative one, but I guess negative given the rest of the lyrics. But it does sound kind of defiant to me. Like ‘I’m sad but I’ll take anything good I can get’. Maybe that’s just me, as I’m feeling pretty good right now, and I think someone’s emotional state gives them a slightly different perspective of music.

Makes me think of… I think because it’s featured on Dodie’s 2016 EP, Intertwined, I’ve heard it too many times to think of something abstract.

Good for… This is one of my go to sad shower songs, but like it’s good for the sad shower you have and then step out of and feel a bit better. If you hear me singing this in the shower, mind your own business, I’m healing.

12. Before the Line

First Line: I used to smile at every star and thank the sky

Last Line: Did I let it go?

Favourite Line: I’ll have to take what I can get

Why is it my favourite line? It’s literally the same sort of reason as my favourite line from When. Weird.

Makes me think of… Old photographs. Photos taken on a film camera or instant photos. They have a different vibe.

Good for… This is another song that makes me feel a bit mope-y at first but in a good way. It’s cathartic.

13. Guiltless

First Line: There is a wall in my life built by you

Last Line: Till the day that you die

Favourite Line: I’m not bitter, I’m just tired

Why is it my favourite line? It sort of makes me think of how being mad or angry or, indeed, bitter about something or someone is kind of exhausting. And sometimes it’s better to just tire of it and not put that energy into it anymore.

Makes me think of… Weirdly, given that the lyrics are fairly heavy, it’s a light and airy song. Think clouds.

Good for… I do like to tidy up to this song as well. It’s a good song to listen to while you hang up your clothes, trust me.

14. Boys Like You

First Line: Hold my head a little higher 

Last Line: I hate that they shake me up every time

Favourite Line: We know you// Love a nightmare

Why is it my favourite line? I guess I kind of had that phase in my life where you go for the boy who’s a bit of a nightmare. But at the same time it’s kind of fun, the drama, the doubt.

Makes me think of… I don’t like to use any profanity on the blog. But it’s impossible not to think of the Iconic Fuckboy. I mean they’re literally what she wrote the song about and it shows.

Good for… It’s a good listen after a bad date or just a general bad interaction with someone you fancy. Like a really good listen.

So there’s my little track-by-track. I really did aim to also do the extra 8 songs from ALOSIA, but I’m sort of in assessment mode and I just wanted to get this typed out quickly, so that I could keep to the weekly blog post flow that I’ve been in. I will say that bored like me, bite back, anything and don’t quite belong are real favourites of mine!

Favourite Song: Special Girl

Least Favourite Song: Rainbow

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed every part of Dodie’s album. It’s nice seeing how her music has progressed over the years and everything she releases just gets better and better. I’ll definitely be listening to this album on repeat for quite some time, as each time I hear each song, I decide I like it even more than I liked it the last time I listened.

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