Spring: New Beginnings, New Blog

So the first thing to say, I guess, is welcome! You’ll have noticed a few changes around here, first and foremost, the new blog. Thankfully, I have neatly transferred over all of my old blog posts onto this blog, so don’t worry, all of my previous posts are still available if you fancy checking those out.

“But why? Your old blog was absolutely fine.”

I hear you cry. Or maybe not, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

Well, a couple of reasons really. I was getting bored of my current layout, Blogger wasn’t really catering to my blogging needs anymore and I wanted to combine my separate blogs into one but still have the ability to separate them a little. I’d also been wanting to sort out my own domain name (goodbye elliemaywriteblogposts.blogspot.com, hello elliemaysibley.com!) and give my blog a general step up from an on-and-off hobby to what it really is, as in, a project that I am proud of and passionate about.

Of course, I’m pretty indecisive… In fact I’ve sort of settled on The Undecisive Blogger becoming a bit of a brand name for me, because I can never decide what I want to write about and how I want to write it! This also means I’m not quite fully settled on the blog design, so you can expect a few little changes until I decide I’m fully happy with it. But I did get to a point where I felt like I could be tinkering with design intricacies forever and I really just needed to get writing and posting. So here we are I guess.

I’m also going to be changing the way I interact with my Instagram (@elliemaysibley – in case you didn’t know!). This is because I noticed a very gradual change from the Instagram page being a little extra way to promote my blog to an intense job where I had to be constantly thinking of what’s popular, what’s trending and what every other Instagram blogger was doing (and comparing myself to them). I was also not really feeling myself in my posts and captions. Now I’m hoping to get back to the way it was before – using the Instagram as a blog extra not a whole separate (and more important) platform that started to stress me out.

But anyway, the important thing to note is that I’m back, and with the start of spring, a time known for new beginnings, it seems fitting. That said, a lot of things are the same. I still don’t know what I’m going to be writing about, I still don’t know when I’m going to be posting them. Like I said, I’m the Undecisive Blogger.

(And yes, I know undecisive isn’t a real word, but it fits nicely with my blog section that focuses on travel, The Unnatural Habitat, and my blog section that focuses music, The Unmusically Inclined. Now I just need to think of a name for my section about student life too…)

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