Ellie Goes Vegan: Day 18 and Day 19

Finally a little more up-to-date with my posting. Also I am still on my quest to try every available plant-based milk and at some point over the last few days I tried both hazelnut and rice milk. 

I found that hazelnut had quite a prominent hazelnut flavour, which, if you like hazelnut, probably isn’t a bad thing. Unfortunately, I do not like hazelnut. In my opinion Nutella is the worst possible item to put on your toast, even more so than marmite. That said, I do really enjoy a hazelnut latte and I did think that the hazelnut milk worked well in my coffee, I just didn’t like it much on it’s own. 
Rice milk seems to me to be a little bit to thin and watery for my liking, but the flavour isn’t particularly offensive. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to buy some, but it would do if my options were limited. 
Luckily, as I have discovered this month, they are not. Oat still remains my primary choice, as it’s a good all rounder. Almond is very much up there too. Coconut is great for everything except hot drinks in my personal opinion (well, actually I would expect it to taste good in a hot chocolate). 
Day 18

Breakfast – Nothing 
Whoopsie. No further comment.
Lunch – Ketchup Fried Rice

One of the main, overlooked talents of ketchup is how good it is when cooked. Like fry something in ketchup and it brings out a the smokier, tastier flavour of the sauce. Unfortunately there are many people who cannot comprehend what they believe is a heinous crime in the culinary world. I beg to differ and I will go down with this ship. 
I fried some onions and peppers and then added my leftover rice and ketchup. A little bit of soy sauce too for good measure. This is essentially how you would make the filling for omurice. But omurice requires an omelette, which I did not have for obvious reasons. 

My delicacy was met with a mix of horror and appreciation by the internet when I uploaded a picture and poll on my personal Instagram. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it and it’s my food, so that’s what matters. 
Dinner – Roast Dinner

For dinner my aunt was making a roast. I found a recipe for a pistachio and cranberry stuffed mushroom which I thought would go well, so I made that. But we didn’t have enough pistachios and it’s been rainy so I skipped the shop and opted for crushing up a bag of mixed nuts. 

It was a little boring but with a load of extra cranberry sauce and some gravy it did the job. The rest of the roast was pretty standard, and there’s nothing to be faulted about a roast. 
Day 19

Breakfast – Toast 

It was a little late by the time I got to breakfast so I had four slices of toast, with various things on top. This included a very thin layer of miso paste (I was interested to see if it worked – and it did) and strawberries and yoghurt. Of course, the miso was separate to the strawberries and yoghurt. 
Lunch – Peanut and Chickpea Curry Leftovers

For lunch I ate the rest of the black rice and some of the chickpea curry. As mentioned before, I wasn’t a huge fan of the curry and it had not grown on me over time. Still, black rice is great. 
Dinner – Mindful Chef Brazil Nut, Artichoke and Pesto Lentils

This was a meal that I had quite fancied the sound of, as I quite like brazil nuts and artichoke. But for some reason, whenever I like the sound of a Mindful Chef meal, it ends up not being as nice as the ones that I think sound a bit weird. 

It did feel incredibly healthy to eat though and was still pretty good. 
Day 18 and Day 19 Summary

To be honest with you, more than anything, right now I just feel relieved to have finished up writing all the posts that I was falling behind with. Also, it is getting to be a bit of a drag writing all these Veganuary posts and I’m feeling like I can’t quite be bothered to write up anything else, so I’ll be relieved to get to the end and start writing normal content again. 

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