Ellie Goes Vegan: Day 16 and Day 17

 Oki doke, making my way through. It’s the twenty first and I’m now up to writing day 16, so like, 6 days to write, which is not so bad. If I’m doing two days per post that’s only three posts. Woo. 

I sort of knew that I was setting myself up for a challenge with a daily post about Veganuary whoopsie. 


Day 16 

Breakfast – Nothing 

One of those skipped days, again. I used to be such a breakfast person but in the last couple of years, I’m developing that skipping breakfast habit. Yet, when I don’t eat breakfast I still feel insanely cranky. Like my whole day is a little bit off. 

Lunch – Crispy Sesame Tofu with Rice, Edamame and Spinach 

A friend of mine had suggested coating some tofu with sesame and putting it in the oven when discussing tofu the other day and I am a huge fan of sesame so this was an absolute must for me to try out. I found a recipe online and followed it, then added the tofu to some rice, spinach and edamame. 

The recipe had me marinating the tofu first, and was a very tasty Japanese-y marinade, though I deviated a little by adding some random Japanese ingredients that we have in the cupboard (currently, I am enjoying adding miso paste to literally everything I can think of – I even spread a very thin layer on some toast the other day). 

Then I coated the tofu in the sesame seeds and shoved it in the oven. 

When it was done I whacked everything in a bowl together and began to eat. 

It was definitely yummy and I would 100% attempt it again, but for some reason the sesame seed just dropped off throughout the meal. This was a little disappointing but it didn’t really compromise the flavour, it was simply as if I had only sprinkled the seeds on top. 

Dinner – Deep Fried Tofu and Rice 

My aunt and sister were getting a Chinese and after a long day of essay-writing temptation won. I ordered some deep fried salt and pepper tofu and planned on having some of my leftover rice from earlier, as all of the rices from the Chinese contained eggs. 

It only occurred to me after the order that I should have asked about the cooking method and stuff for the tofu, but I was mentally drained and exhausted after too much uni work (an essay about France’s soft power approach was killing me). I decided that actually, today, ignorance would be bliss. 

Anyway, take-away and delivery food in Portishead is extremely limited and I’m pretty sure not one of them has a vegan menu. Maybe some accidentally vegan options but after working in KFC I know that veganism is probably not at the top of their concerns as much as getting food out as quickly as possible. 

(For reference, KFC fries are fried in the same fryer as the popcorn chicken. The vegan burger didn’t exist when I worked there so I don’t know about that. The only thing I definitely say is a safe option is the coleslaw because it comes pre-packaged, beans and corn depend on whether or not you’re fussed about the fact that someone who just took cooked chicken out of a fryer is now putting your beans into a pot. That said, different utensils are used for those things, and handwashing is a thing… anyway, I’m rambling, back to my food.)

To be honest, this was a very disappointing Chinese delivery on a whole, so I’m told by my aunt. I quite liked my tofu but I probably wouldn’t order it again, I’m sure there’s better options for vegan Chinese cuisine out there. It certainly hit the spot of some unhealthy comfort food after essay hell, though. 

Admittedly, I don’t know if it was actually even vegan, but I’d already ordered it before thinking about the cooking process so there was no point in wasting it.

Day 17

Breakfast – Porridge

Yep, me, back with more porridge. At least I’m starting the day off right.

Lunch – Miso Soup, Rice and Kimchi 

For lunch, I decided to once again make use of my miso paste (possibly my favourite thing in the whole world right now) so I mixed it into some boiling water and added my leftover Chinese delivery tofu. I also had some rice in green tea (I am told this is strange, but it is a thing, it’s called ochazuke). I felt like it was lacking some solid ingredients, so I added some kimchi as well. 

 The tofu was definitely better in the soup, mostly because it just tasted like miso. And the rice is just a standard thing that I usually do with leftover rice, so can’t really say much more about that.  

Dinner – Mindful Chef Spicy Peanut & Chickpea Curry with Black Rice 

To combat the unhealthiness of the Chinese delivery, it was time for another Mindful Chef meal. 

Black rice is really great, it’s got more texture than your standard rice. But I’m beginning to grasp the fact that I don’t really like chickpeas. They’ve got a dry and powdery texture. It’s not for me. 

Day 16 and 17 Summary 

Ignorance was, and remains, bliss with regards to the Chinese delivery. It was a pretty dodgy Chinese all-round, so perhaps that maxim also applies to my aunt and my sister. 

Anyway, apart from that, I believe we’re going strong. 

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