Ellie Goes Vegan: Day 14 and Day 15

 Okay, so I’m just smashing out all of the days I’ve missed out on and to be honest I can’t exactly remember all of it. I had to spend ages going through my photos to work out what I had eaten on each day before I started typing out days 12 – 19, whoops. Apologies if this is a bit thin on the writing ground, but at least I can tell you the names of the meals I ate each day.

Day 14 

Breakfast – Toast 

I tend to get a bit bored of cereal/porridge every day, but I don’t like savoury breakfasts (they always feel too heavy first thing in the morning. So today I had some toast.

Lunch – Not Entirely Sure

I am really sorry, but this is the one meal that I don’t have photo evidence of, haven’t written down and have no memory of consuming. I’m fairly certain I did have lunch, but what? I guess we’ll never know. 

Dinner – Thai Tofu Curry 

My aunt cooked a Thai curry but marinaded the meat separately, then took my portion out, before adding meat and other non-vegan ingredients. I also had both brown rice and white rice, because I couldn’t decide which I fancied. 

Day 15

Breakfast – Porridge

Back to porridge for me!! 

Lunch – Leftover Harissa Tofu and Turmeric Rice with Sausages

There wasn’t quite enough of the harissa tofu and turmeric rice for a whole meal, but luckily I still had two sausages leftover from the other day, so I decided to chuck them in with it. A kind of strange mix, but with the sausages added it definitely filled me up! And the sausages just taste good anyway, so I didn’t mind their addition. 

Mid-Afternoon Snack – No-Bake Chocolate Oat Cookie

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but I made some no-bake chocolate oat cookie things that I had seen on Instagram (though I adjusted the recipe slightly) and I’ve been snacking on them a fair bit. 

They look kind of grim,  but definitely taste great. I also had a tea to accompany it.

Dinner – Breaded Cauliflower with Chips and Salad

I’m not exactly sure what to call this but I saw it on Instagram and I was just intrigued to try it. I really like cauliflower so it appealed to me. Basically it was a big slice of cauliflower that was breaded and shallow fried. As I was making it though, it definitely seemed like I would’ve been better off cutting the cauliflower into florets, and I actually ended up with a bit of both as some of the cauliflower just  broke up anyway. 

The recipe I saw suggested serving it with rice, kimchi and some sauce that I think was probably Korean but I really didn’t fancy rice, so fries and salad it was. I also added the remainder of my five bean salad. 

I was really pleased with my cauliflower. That’s probably just because I love cauliflower and breaded things. It definitely felt like an unhealthy Friday meal too, which was what I was craving. 

Day 14 and Day 15 Summary 

I am regretting adding this summary section in because I honestly don’t know what to say. 

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