Ellie Goes Vegan: Day 12 and Day 13

 I’m so sorry for now updating this regularly. Mostly, I’m feeling sorry for myself because now I have eight days worth of posts to type up all at once. I’m going to combine two days into one post from now on too, as because I’m running behind, I’m forgetting all of the things I wanted to say about each meal. So, day 12 and day 13…

Day 12

Breakfast – Overnight Oats 

So I got worried because apparently you’re not supposed to eat raw oats without like soaking them first or something. I mean I’ve been adding raw oats to my already cooked porridge for years because I like the texture and I’m not dead, but maybe I should stop doing that. Anyway, during my research I decided the best course of action would be to try out some overnight oats. 

So I followed some vague recipes on the internet and mixed some oats up into a milky, yoghurty, syrupy mixture, then when it came to eating I layered the oat thing, strawberries and raspberries, and some extra coconut yoghurt (my fave). 

T’was a tasty, breakfast but it was really cold to eat as the oats had been in the fridge overnight (I don’t like my food to be too hot or too cold, I am a purple-haired Goldielocks). I ended up having to leave it and come back to it a little later, when it was closer to room temperature. 

Lunch – BBQ Jackfruit Wrap

I had picked up some microwavable Sweet and Smoky BBQ Jackfruit from Sainsbury’s which I figured would go well in a wrap. I added some cheese as well. It wasn’t very attractive, so I just took pictures of the ingredients in their packaging. 

I was very pleased with the jackfruit, it pretty much just tasted like the BBQ sauce it was covered in, but the texture was also good. 

Dinner – Quorn Mince and Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

My sister really likes Quorn mince for some reason, and she’s made this sweet potato shepherd’s pie before. It’s a really tasty meal, the extra sweetness from the sweet potato is really good if you ever fancy mixing up your usual cottage or shepherd’s pie. 

Not the most attractive picture, but I can assure you the flavour was great.

Day 13

Breakfast – Coco Shreddies 

I forgot which type of milk I consumed my Shreddies with, but whatever milk I had, it worked. 

Lunch – Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Sausages

Fraser once worked on a food van during a festival or something and they had these sausages there so he’s been going on at me to get some. I eventually got round to picking some up and the boy was not lying, these are very nice. 

Anyway, I was super starving for some reason so I decided to have it with some oven fries that I topped with cheese and gravy, as well as some peas and a five bean salad that I had picked up from the reduced section of Co-Op. 

It was a huge plate, but I munched my way through it, first by getting rid of the peas and beans, so that I could enjoy the fries and the sausages after. I finished the meal feeling very full and very happy.

Dinner – Mindful Chef Verbena Harissa Tofu and Tumeric Rice

Dinner was another Mindful Chef meal, which I had been looking forward to, because I love the flavour of harissa.

It was actually a little disappointing, I’d just imagined it better in my head but was still pretty tasty. The rice with onions mixed in was tasty and the rest of it wasn’t bad either, I think I had just mentally hyped it up a little too much. 

Day 12 and Day 13 Summary 

I think the hardest part of this has been the daily blog posting more than anything. Especially in the middle of assessment season (I know I keep going on about it but it becomes quite hard to think of anything else!). 


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