Ellie Goes Vegan: Day 8

 Another leftover-y day (yep, I still had burrito filling to use!) but also had a Brazilian black bean stew from Mindful Chef. Also, I didn’t have porridge for breakfast. 

Breakfast – Yoghurt with Raspberries and Cereal 

I decided to mix things up a bit and use up the rest of my Alpro Soya Yoghurt. I added some raspberries and some Coco Shreddies as well as some oats (raw, which is apparently something you’re not supposed to do, but I’ve always loved raw oats, like sometimes I add raw oats on top of my porridge, for extra texture). 

Anyway, it was definitely nice to take a break from porridge, as much as I genuinely enjoy porridge. 

Lunch – More Leftover Burrito

I actually ended up just leaving the burrito open, kind of like a taco rice. I sprinkled the remaining nachos on top for the crunch too. 

This was nice, because even though I was technically still eating the same thing, she had taken on a new, beautiful form, so it felt like a different meal. But it still was the same meal, so I don’t really have any additional observations. 

Dinner – Mindful Chef Brazilian Black Bean Stew with Brown Rice 

Another Mindful Chef meal (a.k.a. the highlight of my day because I know its gonna be tasty and I don’t have to think of a recipe myself). This one was a Brazilian black bean stew. In my experience Brazilian food is super nice, I once found myself at a Brazilian restaurant (in Japan) at 2AM after work and it was amazing. I hoped that Mindful Chef could live up to my past experiences of Brazilian food. 

They did a pretty good job, the stew was very nice! I do often feel like there isn’t quite enough rice in these meals, but they made up for it with lots of beans, so I wasn’t too concerned. 

Day Eight Summary

We’re still going pretty strong on the vegan eats, but definitely lacking in my motivation to blog about it. As I’m writing this a few days later, I can’t say I remember exactly what everything tasted like. But it was all good, I’m sure of that. 

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