Ellie Goes Vegan: Day 7

 I know, I know, I’m FIVE days late. Whoopsie. But it is assessment season, so writing essays is taking the centre stage of my life at the moment. Anyway, I had enough foresight to start noting down my meals so that I didn’t forget them. I might not be able to get into as much detail about what I thought of them, but it’s something. Anyway, on with the food. 

Breakfast – Porridge 

More porridge, it’s so cold outside so it makes sense. As usual, I added some maple syrup to make it sweeter. What can I say, I like sweet foods. Anyway, not much to report about the porridge, and I can’t even remember what type of milk I used. Maybe more soy milk? I’m not entirely sure. No photo because it was a standard looking porridge and if you can’t remember what that looks like, Google is a thing. 

Lunch – Leftover Burrito and Nachos

I have a lot of leftovers to get through, so unfortunately I don’t have any more exciting meals to show you. The burrito was as tasty as it was yesterday, and I had learnt my lesson about over-filling it this time. 

The nachos had gone a little soft, as they tend to do, but I kind of like it. I don’t know, its weird. Anyway, still very tasty and still very filling. A good hearty lunch. 

Late-Afternoon Snack – Nakd Cocoa Orange Bar

I absolutely love these. There’s probably no need to mention that I’ll be snacking on them consistently throughout the week.

I decided to pose with it to demonstrate my appreciation. 

Dinner – Leftover Butter Chickpea Curry with Leftover Fried Rice

I swear I took a picture of this, but I can’t find it on my phone. Anyway, I just defrosted the remaining butter chickpea curry from a few nights ago and ate it with some leftover sweetcorn fried rice. It was a strange combo but it worked. 

Day Seven Summary 

Nothing new to report here, I just ate leftovers from meals that I’d already cooked. I have a lot of burrito stuff that I need to use up, so I’m just working my way through that. I really don’t want to throw any of it away, but we’ve no freezer space so it’s just in the fridge at the moment which means I just need to get through it. Evidently, I’m not great at portion sizes.

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