Ellie Goes Vegan: Day 3

 I awoke ready for a new day. But it was late so I was going to skip breakfast again. Sue me. 

Anyway after yesterday, I was even more determined to do well. 

Breakfast – Coffee (Black)

I slept too late and felt groggy so I figured I’d skip the niceties of sugar and oat milk and go straight for the hard stuff (not liquor, still feel a little too delicate for that). It was also basically nearly lunch time so I figured by the time I had showered I’d get into making lunch anyway.

Lunch –  Teriyaki Tofu with Rice & Edamame 

I decided to tackle the tofu again, so I fried it up while I made a big batch of rice in the rice cooker (essential investment for anyone who eats a lot of rice). I also shoved some frozen edamame in the microwave. 

I smothered everything in soy sauce (obviously) and slapped a generous amount of umeboshi paste on the side. Also, I made myself another coffee, but this time afforded myself the milk (oat) and sugar. 
I ate two of the three slices of tofu and then decided that I actually really didn’t like it. It’s not that I don’t like tofu because I know I do. It was the flavouring. It was not very teriyaki flavoured at all. Sort of… basically tasted like aniseed. Not sure why but it wasn’t particularly pleasant. I gave the last piece to Coco. 
Anyway, with that gone, I ate the rest of my meal quite gleefully, though what’s not to love about rice and edamame. And umeboshi are my favourites, and they’re just as tasty in paste form.
Dinner – Butter Chickpea Curry and Naan 

My sister had decided to cook a butter chicken, so I figured I would just find a recipe for the same dish, just vegan. She also had big plans to make some homemade naan, and I was up for the challenge. 
We popped to the shop and yet came back home without all the ingredients we needed for naan (well done us). Unfortunately, we are lazy so we decided to make do with what we had. This basically meant we were throwing things into the naan dough mixtures at, essentially, random. I was half following her recipe, but using vegan alternatives as suggested by another recipe, whilst also halving the quantities. She was following a recipe that wasn’t going at all well (we were also out of some ingredients so just using the closest thing we had). Let’s just say it was a general mess (and we made a large mess).
Anyway with the dough for the naans prepared, we moved to the butter chick(en/peas). I settled on just following a completely different recipe to my sister, but most of it was roughly the same. 
After everything had been added to the curry it was time to turn our attention back to the naan. We sprinkled on some garlic granules and fried them. Surprisingly, they came out pretty well. 

With everything served up, it was time to eat. It was weird to not be able to discuss the food with my family. I got them to check and apparently the two butter chick(en/peas) did not taste the same, though it was probably less to do with the meat and more to do with the other differences in the recipes. 
But outside of that, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything in my version of the meal. I was especially impressed with my naan bread, which tasted good, though was a little dense and could do with some tweaking to perfect it. The butter chickpeas were also tasty. I don’t really know how to write about food though, so I can’t exactly say much other than it tasted like your standard curry. 
I was also pleased to have a fair amount of leftovers. I choose to freeze the rest of the butter chickpeas but I’ll probably be having some of the naan for lunch tomorrow. 
Day Three Summary

A more successful day than yesterday. It was nice to get cooking some bits from scratch. Outside of the food, I was feeling a bit awful, because I had a shower and we ran out of hot water when I was shampooing my hair and then I spent the rest of the day shivering, unable to warm back up. But that was nothing to do with Veganuary, I just wanted to complain. Catch ya tomorrow. 

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