Ellie Goes Vegan: Day 2

 It’s another day, and it’s the same hangover. Yeah, it’s a two dayer. Sorry guys, I’m probably going to be lazy again, I can feel it already. 

Anyway, I don’t know what my family are planning to eat, but hopefully they won’t eat something that I like too much. Yesterday, feeling ill was both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, I didn’t feel tempted to eat much but also I felt sick. I feel a bit better today though.

Breakfast – Coffee 

Look don’t tell me how important breakfast is. I know. I know. I used to love breakfast but these days I’m eating it less frequently. Anyway, I skipped it today, I wasn’t hungry yet. But I am enjoying oat milk in my coffees, so that’s a win. 

I consumed my coffee while having a little virtual date with Fraser, who disagrees about oat milk being the tastiest milk substitute, but obviously he is wrong. 

Lunch – Meat Free Sausages with Beans, Tomatoes & Toast 

I fried my meat-free sausages and shoved them on top of a piece of toast. Again I used the ominous spread (as discussed yesterday) on top of the toast. I also made some beans and fried my tomatoes because I don’t like them raw. Originally I planed to make more of a sandwich, but alas, I made too many beans, so what I actually ended up consuming was a beany mess. I also added some ketchup and barbecue sauce. 

The sausages tasted nice, but I probably wouldn’t have missed them if they weren’t there. Essentially I just made beans on toast with some extras which isn’t far off my usual caliber of lunch food. Coco seemed particularly interested despite my step-dad cooking everyone bacon at the same time, so I guess it has his seal of approval too. Unfortunately, there were no leftovers for him as I ate (and enjoyed) it all. 

Late-Afternoon Snack – Spicy Sriracha Graze Crunch 

I began to get a little hungry before dinner, so I decided to open these Graze things that I had been given for Christmas. They were nice, nothing particularly special, but it eased my stomach while I was waiting for tea-time. 

The bag is resealable too, which is very handy. I know I’ll be tucking into these a lot over the next few days. 

Dinner – Roast Dinner

I had plans for dinner, but I didn’t realise my family had already settled on a roast. So I thought sure, I’ll just skip the meat and replace it with the only substitute I had that I hadn’t frozen, some teriyaki flavour tofu. This was a bad idea for several reasons. 

1. Teriyaki does not go with a roast. I probably would’ve been fine without it and should’ve just filled up on veg.

2. My family cook literally everything in the meat fat/oil/whatever from previous roasts. I only remembered this when it was placed in front of me and my family mentioned it. 

Okay, so this meal wasn’t vegan. But still, I swayed away from the other meat/dairy products involved and figured that I’d just have to keep my family’s cooking habits in mind next time. 

It ended up being the saddest looking roast I had ever seen (couldn’t even have gravy!) and it wasn’t even strictly vegan. But tomorrow is a new day so we’ll just move on from this sorry affair.

Evening Snack – Oreos with Oat Milk

More Oreos this evening, because everyone else was eating ice cream. I dipped my Oreos in oat milk and happily chomped. This was the first time that I had drank the oat milk outside of a coffee and it definitely did the job. I am considering continuing with the milk substitutes after this. 
Day Two Summary 

Look it wasn’t technically successful. But technicalities aside, it was alright. The teriyaki tofu wasn’t great but then again I tried it with a roast which is just an odd combination, so I’ll try again with a rice based dish. Sausages were great, and I like oat milk on its own as well as in a coffee, so that’s good to know. Onwards to day three! 

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