My September Playlist

 I’m writing much later than I normally would, because I was toying with the idea of not writing at all today and breaking my 11-day streak of daily blog posts. As I move away from doing nothing at all to sorting out my life and all of my belongings before I go back to uni, it gets harder to spend a few hours writing and planning and planning and writing. Nonetheless, my need to finish what I had started sprang into action, so here I am, with today’s daily blog post. 

Thankfully, like all good lazy bloggers, I have a nice and easy post up my sleeve. The Playlist post. 

This is always a favourite post of mine to just write, without it taking up too much time, because you can just choose a selection of songs, slap down a sentence or two about each song and BOOM. A blog post. 

I also realised that at the start of August I made a playlist post, so why not make it a monthly feature?

So, on wards to some good tunes. 

1. Tangerine – Glass Animals

Okay, I haven’t really listened to anything other than the latest album from Glass Animals so far this month, but I can’t exactly write out the tracklist and call that my own playlist (or can I?). So I limited myself to one song from the album, and while it was a tough choice, I settled on Tangerine. Why? Because it’s in my head as I write this. If you want to hear more about my opinions on this work of art. check out this blog post

2. Hands Off My Cash Monty – Two Door Cinema Club

As always, no playlist by Ellie would be complete without a bit of TDCC. This song is from their EP, Lost Songs: Found, which is an EP of old songs (like, pre-Tourist History). I also wrote a Track-by-Track of the EP, which you can find here

3. Late Replies – FOURS

Am I stealing songs from my boyfriend’s playlist again? Yes, I am because he has impeccable taste. 

4. Beyond the Horizon – Ghost of Matsubara

A bit of promotion for a friend’s band, but honestly I do listen to this quite a lot so you should definitely check it out if you fancy impressing your friends with your obscure music taste. And also support small bands and artists! 

5. Violent Sun – Everything Everything 

This is a single from Everything Everything’s upcoming album, Re-animator, and I am so excited! I’ve been playing the singles a lot to hype myself up, as well as a lot of their older work, which is effortlessly timeless. 

6. The Fall – half•alive

So the other day, I stuck on my 2020 playlist and was really confused, yet also impressed with the songs. Anyway, as it turned out, I had accidentally pressed the radio feature, so I was listening to songs that Spotify had recommended based on that playlist, and this was one of them. Now it’s on that playlist for real and I’ve just been enjoying it. 

7. Dinner Party – Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue

Another song recommended by my boyfriend, because sometimes his taste in music verges on being better than mine. Certainly he has an ear for songs that I’ve never heard but instantly like, and this was one of them.

8. Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth – Glass Animals

Okay, I know I said one Glass Animals song, but I couldn’t resist also adding Waterfalls because, like the rest of the album, it is absolutely amazing. Okay I’ll shut up about Glass Animals now.

9. Les Corps Perdus – Granville

A lil’ Francophone song to spice things up. Granville are always perfect for chilling. And they sort of give off a vibe that makes me think of cosy, wooly jumpers, that I can’t wait to start wearing.

10. Copper Kiss – Salen 

So the ‘a’ in Salen should have an umlaut, but I can’t work out how to get that on Blogger, so we’ll just accept it. I’ve loved this song for ages, and I’m constantly coming back to it, so here we are again, listening to Copper Kiss, just like in 2016. Thankfully, I am no longer 16 years old though.

There we go, a nice little playlist to kick off your September listening! 

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