Seasonal Scripture: Autumn

Seeing as we’re now a few days into Spetember and I’ve also switched up my Instagram posts to make an autumnal theme, I thought for today’s blog post I’d write a little bit about autumn. 

I always thought that summer was my favourite season. I love summer, being able to wear pretty dresses without too many layers weighing me down, long days and warm evenings, cold summery drinks. But in the last few years, I’ve found a new appreciation for autumn. 
When I moved to Japan, I found that autumn was by far my favourite season. Yeah, everyone goes on about the cherry blossom in spring. But the deep red autumn leaves are something else. 
The temperature is brisk, yet mild. Enough to wear an outfit with plenty of layers and beanies! Oh I love wearing beanies. 
One of my co-workers once mentioned how I don’t seem myself when I’m not wearing a beanie. So it’s pretty much a part of my personality. 
Also, my birthday is in October, so that’s another reason to love autumn.
Halloween, is also a notable autumn event. Which is another thing I enjoy about autumn. I really enjoy the costume aspect of Halloween, as well as all the spookiness. 
So yes, I love autumn, as much as I love summer. Consider this a little ode to autumn to start the season in the right way. 

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