Blogger’s Block

When I got back from France, and found that I’d be quarantining for two weeks, I figured I’d take the opportunity to get some serious blogging done. 

I don’t usually post very regularly, let alone once every day, so this is a bit of a task for me. 
And the last few days have been a bit of a slog. The only reason I’m not taking a break is because I’ve set a challenge for myself, and out of the million times I’ve tried to make myself post once a day for a set amount of time, I’m determined to do it this time. 
Anyway, I started off very well, and I planned ahead, but sometimes certain things get in the way, so a few of my plans began to come undone. For various reasons, some of the posts I planned just ended up not fitting. So I ended up with less posts than I originally started with.
Then I’d come to writing a post I had planned, and decide I didn’t fancy writing that one, so I’d write a different post. 
And just like that, my plan isn’t much of a plan. 
Without a plan, it’s harder to think of a new topic every and keep on writing and boom! 
Blogger’s Block!
Which is where I’m at right now. On the tenth day of daily blog posts, I’m finding it quite tricky to keep thinking of things and writing things and editing photos to go with it and all of that.
Anyway, I’m not quite sure what I’m saying right now, because I have nothing to say. 
I just thought I’d take the problem and write about it because I haven’t got anything else to write about. The problem just happens writing, so this is all very meta. 
My brain hurts just writing today. 
Ellie out. 

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