Dreamland: Track-by-Track

I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m cheating a little bit, because Dreamland has been on repeat ever since it was released. Usually, I can control myself and wait for a free moment to listen to an album and write my first thoughts down as I listen for the first time. With Glass Animals, there was no way in hell that I was waiting, I needed to hear Dreamland ASAP. And then I was on holiday, so I couldn’t find the time to write out a full track-by-track listen until now.

So unfortunately this isn’t my first listen and it’s a little bit later than I would have hoped. But without further ado, some musings on each track from Glass Animals’ Dreamland. 

 1. Dreamland

First Line: Pullin’ down backstreets, deep in your head
Last Line: So you go make an album and call it Dreamland
Favourite Line: Oh, it’s 2020, so it’s time to change that
Why is it my favourite line? Uhh… big mood.
Makes me think of… Floating on a cloud. 
Good for… Chilling out whilst bathing – bubbles with are essential for this, preferably something that has a sweet scent. 
2. Tangerine

First Line: As cold as an old ice cream sandwich
Last Line: Tangerine
Favourite Line: I wish I could show you more of yourself
Why is it my favourite line? It shows a desire to help someone reach their full potential, which is a sweet sentiment. 
Makes me think of… Saturday morning cartoons, with a glass of orange juice. 
Good for… To listen to this song, I am certain you need to be standing. It’s a bouncy song. Oh, maybe it’s good for jumping on a trampoline. 
3. Hot Sugar 
First Line: Long black tulips, born in your blue tints
Last Line: So cool
Favourite Line: Just wanna be like you
Why is it my favourite line? I like the obvious jealousy in the line, and most of us have been in a situation where they wish they were more like somebody else. 
Makes me think of… The middle of a summery day, when the sun is at it’s hottest. 
Good for… Lazing in the sun, but you have to be lying directly on the grass and also grab a sweet drink. 
4. Space Ghost Coast To Coast 

First Line: I said to you, “why did you do it?”
Last Line: Livin’ in the valley cuttin’ porno
Favourite Line: I don’t actually have one for this song, nothing jumped out at me I’m afraid. 
Why is it my favourite line? N/A 
Makes me think of… Marching. Wearing some heavy boots for sure. 
Good for… This is definitely a good song for hyping yourself up for something you don’t want to do, try listening to it before a Saturday shift in a bar. 
5. Tokyo Drifting

First Line: Two things ’bout the geez, you better listen up
Last Line: You still, you still got it alright, yeah
Favourite Line: Wavey Davey’s on fire
Why is it my favourite line? It’s kind of iconic. I read somewhere that Wavey Davey is a persona of Dave Bayley, which he described as an “extreme alter ego version” of himself, so I guess it’s that personality that you might put on at a party or something, but more intense. 
Makes me think of… Driving through a city at night.
Good for… Listening to on the way to a big club night. 

6. Melon and the Coconut 

First Line: Melon and the coconut are sittin’ on the floor
Last Line: Even if you could, you couldn’t even pull ’em off
Favourite Line: You’re a fucking coconut, can’t even put ’em on
Why is it my favourite line? It makes me chuckle. 
Makes me think of… Sundays in summer when it doesn’t matter what day it is anyway.
Good for… Eating melon on a hot summer’s day (is that mean?)
7. Your Love (Deja Vu)

First Line: Mmm, I shut my eyes
Last Line: I can feel your love
Favourite Line: You dyed your hair blue
Why is it my favourite line? I’m just very tempted to dye my hair blue because of it. 
Makes me think of… I have listened to this too many times and I can’t think of anything apart from how much I like it. 
Good for… Another song to hype yourself up to. I also enjoy cleaning with this in the background.
8. Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth

First Line: Drip, drop
Last Line: What the hell are we doing now?
Favourite Line: Big dicks and big ol’ titties on the sly
Why is it my favourite line? This is one of those lines that will be absolutely beautiful to scream at a gig. I can picture it now.
Makes me think of… Okay I want like a red flowy dress, but make it edgy.
Good for… Getting dressed up and dancing in the privacy of your own room.
9. It’s All So Incredibly Loud 
First Line: I break it, by God, your face
Last Line: It’s all so incredibly loud 
Favourite Line: Water from your broken iris fell towards the floor
Why is it my favourite line? I have never seen tears described in this way and I absolutely love it.
Makes me think of… Okay, again I’ve already read what the song is about (the time in between you telling someone something that you know is going to hurt them and their reaction), so I’ve got a moment in mind. 
Good for… Lying in your bed and thinking about past conversations and the ways in which you could’ve handled them better. Bonus points for dark mood lighting. 
10. Domestic Bliss
First Line: I see the bruise, I see the truth
Last Line: Hawa-Hawaii
Favourite Line: Maybe it tastes like him when you’ve got tears on your lips 
Why is it my favourite line? It just jumped out at me. 
Makes me think of… Okay, I’m sorry but once again I’ve already read about the song and what it’s about so that kind of taints my own impressions. 
Good for… This song makes me teary, so definitely a bit of a mopey song.  
11. Heat Waves 

First Line: Last night, all I think about is you
Last Line: Heat, heat waves, I’m swimmin’ in a mirror
Favourite Line: Road shimmer wigglin’ the vision
Why is it my favourite line? I’m always mesmerised by the ‘road shimmer’ (what is that actually called?) when I’m sat in the front seat of a car. 
Makes me think of… It’ll always remind me of summer 2020, because I’ve listened to it so much over this summer. 
Good for… Driving on a hot day with the windows down. 

12. Helium 
First Line: 9:09
Last Line: Bye bye
Favourite Line: But we’re sunflowers in the rain
Why is it my favourite line? Sunflowers in the rain! 😦
Makes me think of… It’s a sunny day, but you’re inside watching through the window.
Good for… Nights in. 
Et voilà ! My first (or hundredth) impression of Dreamland by Glass Animals. 
I can’t get enough of this album at the moment, it’s all I’ve got on repeat! 

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