Ellie Fails at Sticking to a Blog Plan… Again

 Hello tout le monde.

I’m back from France earlier than expected with thanks to some Covid-Complications. What can you expect in the current climate really?

Anyhoo, as you may or may not have noticed, I once again failed to stick to a blog plan (are we surprised? Nope). To be fair to myself, it wasn’t a good idea to make a plan for my holiday. After all, holidays are for relaxing, having fun and, most importantly, sunbathing (peep my tan). 

Okay, I’m not that tanned but I’m not so pale I look ill either, so I’ll take that as a tan. 

Thanks to Miss ‘Rona anyway, I’m back and I’m in quarantine for two weeks, so once again I’ll be attempting a series of DAILY blog posts. 

Okay Ellie, but didn’t that go badly for you last time? How are you going to commit to a blog post a day when you can’t even manage a blog post a week?
Well, God loves a trier. So I’m going to try. Again. 
This time, I’ll be properly quarantining (as in, not allowed to leave the house, getting food delivery level) so that’s got to leave me with plenty of time to write, right?
So what can we expect during the upcoming weeks?
I’ll probably finish off some of my planned posts from August, but we’ll see if I’m in much of a holiday mood. You know, getting your holiday cut short two weeks kinda drags you out of that. 
As well as that, I’ll be whacking out a review of Hazel Hayes’ debut novel, Out of Love (something I should have written weeks ago to be quite honest), trying my hand at my first ever restaurant review of Pasture Bristol and giving my first impressions (okay like twentieth impression because I’ve had it on repeat) of Glass Animal’s latest album, Dreamland. And probably some other random posts of me rambling on about this or that. 
We’ll see what nonsense being trapped inside for two weeks does to me. Honestly, I’m excited (for the blogging potential, not the quarantine).

Now that’s out of the way, on to 13 days of quality content from yours truly! 

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