My August Playlist

August is here and I always love to have a summery themed playlist that I can stick on.

This month, I thought I’d share this playlist with you as one of my summer blog posts, mainly because I am lacking ideas for summery posts and a playlist is a simple post to make.
So without further ado here’s some of the songs on my summer playlist.
1. Summer – Mumm-ra 
Naturally a song named Summer is a perfect fit for any summer playlist – this one I found thanks to Spotify’s personalised Discover Weekly playlist.
2. Honey – Swim Deep
Honey has been a staple on all of my summer playlists for a long time. It just feels right.
3. Heat Waves – Glass Animals
Another appropriately titled tune, Heat Waves is a recent release from one of my favourite bands, Glass Animals.
4. Sunday Best – Surfaces 
Think I stole this song from my boyfriend’s playlist.
5. Midsummer – Russell Stewart 
Either another song stolen from my boyfriend’s playlist or a song that happened to appear on both our Discover Weekly playlists at the same time, I’m not sure. We won’t tell him that my summer playlist is just a rehash of his most recent playlist though, or we’ll risk feeding his ego. 
6. Do You Like My Song – Elephanz
Elephanz were on repeat for me during lockdown so it felt a little wrong to not include them in my life post-lockdown. 
7. Sun – Two Door Cinema Club
A summer playlist essential for me.
8. Too Much Coffee – Two Door Cinema Club
To be honest, most of my playlists are mostly Two Door Cinema Club, I can’t help it.
9. T-Shirt Weather – Circa Waves 
I’m not even sure how much I like this song, but it has always been played at any summer barbecue.
10. All That I Want Is You – The Magic Gang
The Magic Gang have a lot of songs that were great for revising in the sun, so I thought I’d stick them on this playlist too. 
That’s not all of the songs on my playlist for this August and I’ll be most likely adding to them over the summer so if you fancy giving this playlist a listen and hearing all the other songs I’m listening to this August then visit the playlist here

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