Two Door Cinema Club | Cardiff Motorpoint Arena | 3.10.19

As always, I’m really not very good at keeping my blogs updated. Nonetheless, I seem to be living by the motto ‘better late than never’, and so, we’re finally up and running again, with a little gig review (in the loosest of terms, by now we all know how much I hate review writing) of Two Door Cinema Club’s recent(ish) gig at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena.

Guttingly, I never made it to any gigs while I was out in Japan, which made me super excited for Two Door (as if I wasn’t excited enough already, with Two Door Cinema Club being one of my all-time favourite bands).
I first had to solve the problem of finding a gig-buddy, however, as I was fairly new in Cardiff and was yet to find anyone who I knew for sure would make a good gig-buddy and properly appreciate the magnificence of Two Door Cinema Club. On a whim, I eventually found myself asking one of my housemates, who just so happened to know the band. Sorted.
Despite heavy rain and an abundance of traffic we made it in with time to grab a drink before the first support act, Fuzzy Sun, took to the stage.
Hazey, yet upbeat, Fuzzy Sun created the perfect soundtrack for bobbing excitedly too, while waiting for the main course. While I’m sure I’d never listened to any of their songs, they felt familiar and heartwarming, living up to their name.
Sports Team, for me, were less captivating. Purely a matter of preference, I found myself impatiently waiting for them to end and Two Door Cinema Club to start, so I don’t really have much more to say on the topic, whoops.
After grabbing another drink and taking some photos in the smoking area, we shoved ourselves into the middle of the crowd in anticipation for Two Door.
Every time I stand in a gaggle of people waiting for this particular band, I find myself even more excited than the last time. Truly, with every new album, and every change of Alex Trimble’s hair style, my love for Two Door Cinema Club grows.
So, with even more excitement than the time before, I was eagerly eyeing the stage as the band appeared and opened with Talk, the first single from the latest album. At this point, I think I lost my mind a little as I don’t really remember much until about half way through the evening when Bad Decisions played, and I finally began to run out of energy.
All I can say for sure is that the crowd was brilliant, and my risk of a gig buddy was paying off, as thankfully he wasn’t a stand still and do nothing type of person (the worst).
Honestly, being the world’s worst review writer, I don’t have that much to say other than I had a great time. We all already know I’m incredibly biased when it comes to Two Door Cinema Club, and I was having way too much fun to think about what I was going to write later.
Special shoutout to my new Cardiff gig buddy, it’s an important role to fill.
Thus concludes my little summary of the last gig I went to. I need to stop calling it a review because it’s not at all informative enough.
Happy Birthday, Alex, BTW.

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