Human EP: Track-by-Track

January 24, 2019 
This time last week, dodie released her latest EP, Human. Since it’s announcement back in September I have been eagerly awaiting it’s release, to the extent that I actually decided to give it a proper, detailed listen and type up my first impressions as I listen to the EP, track-by-track.
So, of course that means breaking a little hiatus my music blog has had, while I’ve been busy working on my travel blog and personal blog… 
Anyway, without further ado, here are my first impressions of dodie’s Human:
1. Arms Unfolding
First Line: Hope I’m not tired of rebuilding
Last Line: To fall in love with you again
Favourite Line: You know I could live with or without you
Why is it my favourite line? A love song where the lovers aren’t completely dependent on each other? Who knew that was a thing? Dodie apparently. 
Makes me think of… soft lighting, scented candles and petals.
Good for… sulking in the bath, but at the start of the song submege yourself completely in the water and then come back up feeling refreshed and ready to forgive and make new starts.
2. Monster
First Line: Tell me again about how it hurts
Last Line: Please let the devil in
Favourite Line: You think I’m a crazy bitch
Why is it my favourite line? I’m sure this line resonates with ‘crazy bitches’ everywhere (myself included).
Makes me think of… almost every post-break-up conversation I’ve had with an ex-boyfriend… I would say ex-friends too but I can’t say I get that fiery with ex-friends.
Good for… putting on your make-up (war paint) with a glass of wine, before a social event where you know someone you no longer get along with is going to be attending. 
3. Not What I Meant
First Line: Let’s find out just how far I’ll go
Last Line: I wanted to be seen
Favourite Line: I’ll write a little better
Why is it my favourite line? As someone who’s trying to write a thing right at this very moment, it’s relatable. 
Makes me think of… okay, I think of flying in an aeroplane, but specifically in a window seat on a sunny day, just staring at the clouds passing by.
Good for… hyping yourself up to start a new project or something.
4. Human
First Line: I wanna pick you up and scoop you out
Last Line: We’re just human 
Favourite Line: I want the secrets your secrets haven’t found
Why is it my favourite line? It just seems super intimate and kinda cute, like you can’t get much closer to a person than knowing the secrets that even their secrets don’t know.
Makes me think of… I don’t really know, because I’ve had too much time to think of it, with it being a single and having a music video and everything… 
Good for… lying in bed thinking about your relationships and flaws

5. She
First Line: Am I allowed to look at her like that?
Last Line: She means everything to me
Favourite Line: You would find her in a Polaroid picture
Why is it my favourite line?  I’m a big fan of an instant camera, what can I say? Also I find the concept of there being a certain type of person that you’d find in a Polaroid picture interesting.
Makes me think of… I can only be reminded of the time I saw this live. It was beautiful.
Good for… thinking about your unrequited love and moping a little.

6. If I’m Being Honest
First Line: I was told this is when I would start loving myself 
Last Line: Oh, I bet it’s not that at all
Favourite Line:  Flirting’s delicious; proved to be beneficial for mental health
Why is it my favourite line? I believe this song came out a little while after I broke up with my boyfriend at the time and just as I began to start going on some dates and stuff with other boys. So that line played around in my head on repeat before every date I had. 
Makes me think of… the excitement and uncertainty of a new found crush
Good for… weirdly specific, but I really found this song good for walking to work around the Christmas period, when the Christmas lights are out and it’s dark and chilly. 
7. Burned Out
First Line: He was certain
Last Line: I might just leave soon
Favourite Line: You waited, smiling, for this?
Why is it my favourite line? I like the way dodie sings it, as if she’s really asking her audience why they even want to wait for her, her creations, etc. It feels close to us, and shows us honesty about dodie’s insecurity about whether or not she is enough for her audience.
Makes me think of… something that I can’t quite put into words, maybe it’s like being inside someone else’s frantic mind. 
Good for… lying in bed again, questioning your life and goals.
Favourite song: Monster
Least favourite song: She (this was actually really tough for me to decide because I like all the songs so much and every time I decided one was probably my least favourite I thought about how much I liked it)
Overall dodie’s EP did not disappoint and has been solidly on repeat for my entire week! As always, I’m eagerly awaiting more music from her and remaining gutted that I’m so far from any tour dates.

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