La Musique Francophone

November 22, 2016 (Old Blog)

Ever found yourself needing to get in the zone for a French test, but unable to shut off from the rest of the world?

Try plugging your headphones in and tuning out from the rest of the world with some French language songs.

Maybe you’ll even find yourself listening to them just for fun. Who knows?

10. Christine – Christine and the Queens
 A self-titled bonus track from Christine’s album, Chaleur humaine. It’s actually just the French language version of Tilted, a song that has been played in England quite a lot recently.

9. Parle à ma main (feat. Yelle et Christelle) – Fatal Bazooka
 Fatal Bazooka are a French rap group, that make spoof songs and videos. In this song, Michaël Youn sings as Christelle Bazooka with French singer Yelle from the band Yelle (more on her later). Just don’t watch the video with your French teacher, awkwardness probably ensures… But then again my French teacher showed our class the video, so…

8. Chou wasabi – Julien Doré
 While this song probably has more English words than French, I’m still including it just because I like the tune. It’s definitely good background music for revision and the slow tempo makes for easy #listening. Also the French in the song is easy enough to hear and understand, unlike some of the faster songs on this playlist.

7. Andalouse – Kendji Girac
 Winner of series three of The Voice: La plus belle voix, Kendji Girac released this song in 2014. Andalouse got to number 3 in the charts of three countries, France, Belgium, and Greece.

6. Je veux te voir – Yelle
 Yelle? Doesn’t that name sound familiar? It should do, as she featured on Fatal Bazooka’s track Parle à ma main, mentioned above. Yelle is a French band consisting of lead singer and namesake Yelle (Julie Budet), GrandMarnier (Jean-François Perrier), and Tepr (Tanguy Destable). Having enjoyed success overseas as well as in France, Yelle is one the few French acts that have played Coachella festival three times.

5. Le Gang – BB Brunes
 Taking an edgier turn perhaps, BB Brunes are what the French would call ‘bébé rockers’, a rock band made up of younger members. So for those of you who lean more towards the indie side of music, I’d definitely recommend that you check this out.

4. Polaroïd – Granville
 Mélissa Dubourg‘s voice makes for a song that can be more easily understood by a less advanced learner of French. Certainly, after a few listens I managed to pick up some of the lyrics in the chorus and attempted to sing along.

3.La forêt – Lescop
 Lescop (born Mathieu Peudupin) is one of the first French artists I ever listened to and really, really liked. La forêt is easy to understand, as the song is uncluttered when it comes to instrumental sounds, and leaves room for Peudupin’s voice to be easily heard. Peudupin is also the lead singer of Asyl, a band I would also recommend checking out.

2. carmen – Stromae
 And what French language playlist would be complete without a song from Belgian artist, Stromae? Carmen is an adaptation of the song Habanera from the opera Carmen by French composer Georges Bizet, and the lyrics deal with (anti)social networking. The music video also has a handy English translation at the bottom.

1. La Vie en Rose
 Je suis désolé, mais je ne pouvais pas m’en empêcher. Chaque playlist française nécessite la chanson de signature d’Edith Piaf.

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