A Fever Dream: Track-by-Track

August 21, 2017 (Old Blog)

On the 18th August 2017, Everything Everything released their fourth album, titled ‘A Fever Dream’. Having waited weeks for this release, I though that it would only be fair to share my first impressions with you, so here we go… My reactions to every track on ‘A Fever Dream’ :

 1. Night of the Long Knives 
 First Line: Hold me on this, night of long knives
 Last Line: It was a long time coming
 Favourite Line: I’ve been dying all my life
 Why is it my favourite line? Relatable I guess, after all, everyone only lives to eventually die so there’s truth in it.
 Makes me think of… frenzied running down the street in the midst of an apocalypse.
 Good for... preparing the ear for the mad ride of sound that is Everything Everything.

 2. Can’t Do 
 First Line: Just gimme a glimpse I have to know
 Last Line: Just wanna be on my own
 Favourite Line: I’m loving the bass, I’m loving the drums
 Why is it my favourite line? It’s true, and reminds me that even if everything else is shit, at least we have music.
 Makes me think of… Quitting a job you hate, taking your life into your own hands and following an unconventional career path, but in the style of a musical number (you’re walking, well dancing, down the street whilst singing with a bunch of civilians you’ve never met dancing and singing perfectly with you, paper is falling from office buildings as confetti).
 Good for… Giving you a confidence boost to do something, while also admitting your failure.

 3. Desire 
 First Line: I want this planet and I want it now
 Last Line: This is all that I see clear-
 Favourite Line: I am a pencil-pusher with the pencil-pusher blues
 Why is it my favourite line? I’ve not come across the term pencil-pusher before (Noun – pencil pusher [plural pencil pushers] [informal]- often derogatory, one who does routine office work; someone involved mainly in paperwork, for those of you in the same boat as me) but I feel like I relate to it. Also I really like the way Jonathan sings it.
 Makes me think of… Kicking things (think empty cardboard boxes) while wearing heavy boots (think Dr Martens) sort of adult-tantrum-style.
 Good for… Aspiring CEOs dreaming about pushing and shoving their way to the top of the career ladder.

 4. Big Game 
 First Line: You think it’s new
 Last Line: Tell me again cos it makes me smile
 Favourite Line: And someone’s gonna burst your blood-blubber head
 Why is it my favourite line? It’s all about the imagery, people. Beautiful imagery of this wobbly, fat head being pricked with a pin and bursting with blood splattering everywhere.
 Makes me think of… Gearing up to take on the overly privileged.
 Good for… Picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and preparing to rip apart your enemies.

 5. Good Shot, Good Soldier 
 First Line: You’re a grown man, you’re a good leader
 Last Line: Would you siphon my soul from air?  
 Favourite Line: We decided, we decided that’s that.
 Why is it my favourite line? I like the definiteness of it with no clear reasoning as to why they decided it. That’s that.
 Makes me think of… To be honest I’m not really sure, but it does make my heart ache and tears spring to my eyes.
 Good for… Moping around after a fight where you were in the wrong and you definitely knew it.

 6. Run the Numbers 
 First Line: Some folks sleep with their heads on the railway track
 Last Line: I don’t need to run the numbers
 Favourite Line: I don’t care about your numbers
 Why is it my favourite line? You can tell me again and again about the importance of maths in life, but that doesn’t mean I’ll ever like it or appreciate it. This line (while probably a metaphor for something else and meaning something much deeper than just my dislike of math) describes my feelings towards maths perfectly.
 Makes me think of… Leaving my last maths lesson and burning my notes, as well as arguing with my boyfriend about whether maths or english is more important.
 Good for… Breaking away from the traditional school subjects and choosing to follow a course in Liberal Arts.

 7. Put Me Together 
 First Line: Why do you look so old?
 Last Line: Oh, I didn’t mean it, I didn’t mean it
 Favourite Line: But they’re nothing like you and me
 Why is it my favourite line? Ahh, the typical separating yourself from the rest of society to make yourself feel less responsible for current social crises.
 Makes me think of… That alternative kid who lives down the road and refuses to conform to social norms.
 Good for… Separating yourself from the rest of humanity to feel better about yourself.

 8. A Fever Dream 
 First Line: I hate the neighbours
 Last Line: Lord I see a fever dream before me now
 Favourite Line: The fear and the fury // Make me feel good
 Why is it my favourite line? Okay I cheated and chose two consecutive lines, but like salt and pepper, they go hand in hand. Anyway, I like the contrast of the negative ‘fear’ and ‘fury’ making the singer feel positive or ‘good’, because surely that can’t be right… although don’t we all enjoy a violent video game or feel slightly smug and satisfied after winning some form of fight
 Makes me think of… Bright lights, being slightly inebriated and dancing.
 Good for… Dancing/listening to on repeat when you’re too drunk to notice that the same song has been playing for half an hour.

 9. Ivory Tower 
 First Line: Pin the bunting on the gallows
 Last Line: I’m in my ivory tower
 Favourite Line: Come and crush me in the Waitrose aisle
 Why is it my favourite line? Imagining a person being crushed in the local Waitrose is highly amusing.
 Makes me think of… So I’m running again, this time in a forest, when I hit the secret forest rave and decide to stay and dance. Everyone’s probably wearing a mask.
 Good for… Jumping up and down uncontrollably. Looking forward to witnessing this live.

 10. New Deep 
 First Line: Is there something wrong with all of this?  
 Last Line: Or is there something wrong with me?
 Favourite Line: The two lines mentioned above. They are the only lines.
 Why is it my favourite line? I literally have a choice of two lines and I chose them both because they’re highly complimentary.
 Makes me think of… A windy stormy night (aided by the sound effects maybe?). The world has been near enough destroyed and one person sits in the dark contemplating life, or what’s left of it.
 Good for… Sitting in the dark having an existential crisis after watching and becoming depressed by the news.

 11. White Whale 
 First Line: My mind is on the bad things
 Last Line: Your love is like the white whale
 Favourite Line: I want us to be okay
 Why is it my favourite line? It’s the simplest thing to want really, just to be okay.
 Makes me think of… Fire and a Native American ritual. Seeing the face of your loved one through the fire, but knowing that you can’t really be with them.
 Good for… Stomping about a bit when you want something that you can’t have, knowing that it’s futile.

 Favourite song: Run the Numbers
 Least favourite song: Put Me Together

 Overall I would say that Everything Everything’s A Fever Dream did not disappoint in the slightest, every album I hear from them I like more than the last, despite believing it to be impossible. They still sound undeniably like themselves and no one else and I can promise this album will be all I listen to for the next few weeks.

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