‘Rona Ramblings: Some Housekeeping

Alright guys. I”m bringing my ‘Rona Ramblings to an end.

So firstly, I’d like to give anyone who has even clicked on my blog once and read one piece a massive thank you. Views and everything aren’t that important to me, because I’m mainly doing this for my own satisfaction, but it’s a wonderful feeling to know that there are people out there who actually read these things. 
An even bigger thank you for those of you who comment and/or send me private messages, those who reply to my stories with suggestions for pieces when writer’s block hits, and those who send me messages when I’ve not posted for a while reminding me to write. You guys are awesome. 
What I’ve discovered in my attempt at writing daily posts, is that no matter how much free time I have, daily blog posts is a massive commitment. I couldn’t hack it, but I have improved my posting frequency so I’ll be hoping to continue that. 
I also have developed a sense of what works for me, as in the style of posts that I prefer to write, and also what works for you guys, as in the style of posts that you’re more likely to click on and engage with. So that’s a pretty useful guide for future content. 
For those who you who don’t know, I also have two other, more specific blogs. For travel things I had Unnatural Habitat and for music things I had Unmusically Inclined. Over the course of my ‘Rona Ramblings, I have ignored these two blogs and hardly used them before that anyway. 
So I’ll be looking at retiring those pretty soon, and any content I would have posted on either of the blogs will be incorporated here. I will also re-post some of my favourite and most popular pieces here. 
Finally, I’d like to change the name of this blog because it was kinda a slap-dash choice from over two years ago and quite frankly, I don’t like it. A new name is pending but I am still undecided so give me any suggestions, if you fancy. 
Thanks again for following my ‘Rona Ramblings journey, and I hope you guys will remain interested in whatever nonsense I come up with next.

2 responses to “‘Rona Ramblings: Some Housekeeping”

  1. Hi Ellie, I am following you from Spain. I love it because between these words I find there is such an amazing human being… Often you surprise me, the way you approach to subjects, the way you see things, others you make me laugh… so thank youI wonder, what is your profession? Have you ever considered writer? journalist? radio? screenwriter?


  2. Hi! Thank you so much! Amazing to see I have readers in other countries! Currently I'm a university student studying French and English but I would love to pursue a career in some form of writing but I'm still undecided on what route to take exactly. Thank you again for your kind words, it means a lot to hear that people are enjoying my work! X


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