Lost Songs (Found) EP: Track-By-Track

Okay so today Two Door Cinema Club released a few songs that seem to predate their 2010 album Tourist History and have previously only been available on pretty dodgy YouTube recordings, if at all.

So for those of you who are familiar with my music blog, you’ll recognise this format of my first impressions of the EP. But I’m posting it here instead because my music blog is pretty much obsolete (more on that in another post later).

Basically this involves me listening to the songs for the first time ever and typing answers to a few predetermined question as I go. Although I’ll be honest, I have heard most of the songs beforehand, thanks to whoever sits on YouTube and uploads those songs that are (usually) hard to come across.

1. Not In This Town 
First Line: You wanted everything
Last Line: You’ve really got it now
Favourite Line: Let’s see what life’s about, girl
Why is it my Favourite Line? This is one of the songs that 15 year old me loved, and promptly forgot about when I finally got Spotify Premium. Anyway, at 15, I had no idea what life was about because I hadn’t experienced much of it so #relatable, I guess.
Makes me think of… Okay this is kind of stupid, but when I first found this song I was struggling to get a Year 10 Work Experience placement and it was really stressing me out, but this song made me feel like I would be able to find something.
Good for… Walking super fast because you’re late to an interview, but you feel good about it, like you know you’re gonna smash it.

2. Something Good Can Work (Original Demo)
First Line: There’s a spanner in the works, you know
Last Line: It’s been a lot to change but you will always get what you want
Favourite Line: It’s only going up, just one thing then another
Why is it my Favourite Line? Something Good Can Work has been my go-to uplifting song for about a decade now. Pretty hard to pick one line that particularly resonates with me, but I feel like this one gets the general feel of the whole song.
Makes me think of… Hard to give a first impression of a song that I’ve grown up with (even if it’s the original demo so I believe there are some slight differences to the trained ear). It’s always been a summer song to me. A happy summer song.
Good for… Post-exam barbecue on a sunny day.

3. Tiptoes
First Line: Tip-tiptoes softly on the grass
Last Line: Your tiptoes
Favourite Line: Honestly can’t choose one. Nothing jumps out at me I guess.
Why is it my Favourite Line? I don’t know. Never been fussed about Tiptoes to be quite honest, and even though I did like this much better than the crappy live recording I’m used to, for some reason none of the lyrics quite hit right.
Makes me think of… It’s hard to get the imagery of feet out your head when the song starts and ends with the word ‘tiptoes’. I’m sorry I had nothing more creative to say about that.
Good for.. This is a song for being in the bath. I can’t say why I know this, but it is. Like submerge your head and then come back up. It’ll fit nicely, I promise.

4. 19
First Line: Can we turn this off?
Last Line: So hold it down, boy
Favourite Line: I’m only nineteen, I’ll catch you up, I’ll catch you up
Why is it my Favourite Line? Frustratingly, I am no longer 19. If I had been 19 when this came out, I promise it would have been played over and over as some sort of anthem for the year. But anyway, it’s nice to think that at 19 you still have time to catch everyone else up, to progress at your own speed in life. That’s the sense I get from that line anyway.
Makes me think of… sun, wind and freedom.
Good for… Driving on a sunny day with the windows down, to go camping or some sort of escape from daily life.

5. Hands Off My Cash, Monty
First Line: You’ve made it to the top just to get away
Last Line: It don’t make a difference
Favourite Line: And it don’t make a difference anyway
Why is it my Favourite Line? I like the futility conveyed by most of the song.
Makes me think of… throwing paper of a hated school subject out.
Good for.. Another sunny driving song for sure. Though, to be honest, most songs are best when driving on a sunny day.

6. Impatience is a Virtue
First Line: Are you ready to move on?
Last Line: And you are getting impatient, impatient, oh
Favourite Line: So right now, right now is where I wanna be
Why is it my Favourite Line? It appreciates the present which is nice, we should do more of that.
Makes me think of… Okay I also listened to this song a lot when I was worried about finding a work experience placement. The whole thing was a really big ordeal for me.
Good for… This is another song for when things are going a bit wrong, but you know you can power through anyway.

7. Too Much Coffee 
First Line: Monday’s no good, can we leave it ’til another day?
Last Line: To relax and enjoy the people singing
Favourite Line: It’s not the end of the world as we know it
Why is it my Favourite Line? I have a tendency to over-dramatise things so this line reminds me that whatever it is, it’s not the end of the world (debatable in the current climate but we’ll see).
Makes me think of… rushing a to finish a piece of work, maybe having to meet some friends or run some errands, all the while on that caffeine buzz from, you guessed it, too much coffee.
Good for.. getting stuff DONE.

Overall, I am over-joyed at the release of these songs. Apart from 19, none of them were completely new to me, but it is still great to think that I won’t have to dive deep into YouTube to have a listen. 
I’m sure this release was a huge excitement to any Two Door Cinema Club fan, especially those with a soft spot for Tourist History. 
I expected Too Much Coffee to be my favourite, and while I loved every minute of it, I think that title may actually go to 19. We’ll see after a few more listens. 
But yes, this was possibly the most exciting thing to happen to me in the whole of lockdown, so endless thanks to Two Door Cinema Club for being awesome, as always. 

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