‘Rona Ramblings: A Positive Post

So we’re eight weeks in (I think, but time passes so weirdly now) and as you can tell, I’m struggling to come up with content I want to write.

After a brief, unintended hiatus (there were a lot of essays and having to write about what a sentence is takes it out of you), I am back.
Back and lacking in ideas, as per. 
Nonetheless, I’ll be bringing my usual nonsense ramblings back to a screen near you, daily(-ish).
Anyway, this whole positivity thing isn’t really my style as such (in fact, my laptop is refusing to believe positivity is a real word) but I lack creativity and I thought a nice little post about things that make me happy in lockdown would be nice (and easy). 
So let’s begin.
1. Receiving drawings and letters from my brothers. As you may know, at the moment I am living with my aunt and sister. So we’ve been getting packages in the post with cute drawings and letters from my little bros, which is the most exciting thing ever.
2. Sitting outside in the sun with my dogs. As frustrating as it is that I can’t be doing fun summery things like drinking pints outside pubs or beach barbecues, this would be a whole lot worse if I couldn’t work on getting a tan in my garden. 
3. My dogs. Honestly don’t know how I’d have coped lockdown without them, the company while I’m writing essays is much appreciated (until the postman comes). Walks feel much more purposeful and less lonely with a dog and bedtime cuddles are great. 
4. The internet. Like, imagine doing this with no internet. No boozy (or not) zoom calls, no online quizzes, would probably have to send a letter to my mates to contact them (and I literally can’t remember anyone’s address so I would be useless).
5. This messaging app designed for kids, named Stars, so I can get hilarious messages from my brothers. 
6. Online dates with my boyfriend, especially when he actually remembers to turn up (okay he only missed one once, but I won’t let him forget). 
7. My aunt, and having very dull conversations about our favourite herbal teas because we need to talk about something to someone but neither of us have any exciting news.
8. Tea and coffee. I am drinking about ten hot beverages a day because it is simply something to do. 
9. Hair dye. (No explanation needed)
10. The food delivery service that sends us ingredients and recipes for two meals a week. Without this we’d begin to run out of food ideas, and it forces us to try things we wouldn’t usually choose. 
11. Time to revisit random hobbies. I have been through about twelve different hobbies of the course of the lockdown.

And at this point I’m out of brain power and need to be heading back to my french revision (Sacré Bleu!). 

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