‘Rona Ramblings: How to (Properly) Treat Your Girlfriend while in Lockdown – The Girl-Approved Guide

As requested, here’s a little guide for all you guys (or for you girls to forward to your guys) on how to treat your girlfriend. Of course, we’re still in lockdown and I’m trying to make the majority of my ‘Rona Rambling posts somewhat lockdown themed, so this is a lockdown special (though it would probably work for long distance relationships too).

Actually the relationship-related post I did, Socially Distant Dating, didn’t do so well. Apparently the world prefers to view pictures of me in stupid outfits. But this is a suggestion and I am lacking in my own ideas.

So, here’s some tried-and-tested (yes, really, thank you Fraser) methods to keep your girlfriend sweet, regardless of where in the country you and her are.

The Good-Morning Text

I would first-off like to state that I normally find this incredibly cringey. Like I am not this sort of person in a relationship. 
But lockdown has done things to all of us, and while some of you have cut yourself a fringe (you know who you are), I have apparently become a mawkish mess. Gross.
Anyway, boys, I thought I’d start with something fairly easy for you. 
A good morning text takes less than a minute and is a simple way of letting your girl know you’re thinking of her. You can get more creative if you like and type something beyond “Good Morning xx” however Fraser tried this with me and my response was “why do you sound like a random Indian bloke who slides into strangers DMs?”.

Also it’s worth pointing out that the Good Morning Text can simply occur at whatever time you happen to wake up, because I know that everyone’s sleeping schedules are all out of whack.

The Good-Night Text 

Listen, most of us females like to be frequently reminded that we are cared about and as well as letting her know that you’re thinking of her when you’re waking up, let her know you’re thinking of her when you go to sleep. 
These are two very easy methods of maintaining a happy girlfriend, even from a distance. 

Send Her Memes

Everyone likes memes. Even my grandparents have started sending me funny videos from the internet.
If a meme makes you laugh and you think it’ll make her laugh too, it’s not hard to use the share button to send it to her. 
These things can really be very simple. 

Video Calling

We are lucky enough to live in such an age where there are multitudes of video-calling applications. Pick one of these and use it. 
Right now this is as close as you can get to spending time together, and I should hope that you want to spend time with the girl you are dating (if this is not the case, please take some time to consider your choices).

The Online Date

Take the video call up a notch, and organise a full-blown date, through the medium of video. This can be a variety of things, from a simple coffee date (make yourself a fancier coffee than usual and maybe put on some nice clothes) or an entire dinner date, complete with cocktails to finish. If you need further help with this idea here’s a blog post

Care Packages

To really push the boat out, send your girl a care package. It doesn’t have to be much, just a few things to let her know you’re thinking of her. Sweets and chocolate will always be appreciated, I trust you’ll know your girlfriend’s favourites (if not, you need to work on that – for the record, I’m not a fan of Haribo). Go crazy stereotypical and send her your hoodie if you can live without it (forever, you won’t get it back, even post lockdown).

And thus concludes this requested post. I’ll be working through a few more, as I pretty much forgot the blog for a few months and I need to get back on it. But go forth, and treat your girlfriends properly (girlfriends, send this to your other-half as a hint – or just do the above for your partner, after all this is 2020, even if we rather wish it wasn’t).

BONUS TIP: In light of recent events, I’d like to add, if you plan an online date don’t get drunk on a Zoom call beforehand and pass out just before the date and disappear until 6AM the next day. Thanks.

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