‘Rona Ramblings: Making that Viral TikTok Coffee

Hiya, world’s most inconsistent blogger (that’s me) back again. I’ve had this post in my drafts for a little while (okay, a long while) and if I’m completely honest it’s probably past its post-by date.

Nonetheless, ideas aren’t really chucking themselves at me at the moment, so I’m posting whatever nonsense I can come up with.

Anyway, my various social media feeds have been consumed by pictures and videos of dalgona coffees, and being a bit of a coffee fiend (and a fan of nonsense internet fads), this was right up my street. So it’s only natural that I set to work trying this out.

My friend, the internet, says that you can make this with cold milk or hot milk (therefore either producing a cold or hot drink) but I’ve mostly only seen the cold variation online, so I trusted that a little more.

Anyway I set to work on the most important bit, the whipped coffee.

The notion to me seemed kind of bizarre and I wasn’t convinced that  I would be able to produce the same effect as seen on TikTok. However I took my mini-whisk and set to work, whisking equal parts of instant coffee (my preferred brand being Douwe Egberts, but I will settle for Nescafe Gold or, at a push, Kenco), sugar and hot water (for one portion, I’d recommend about 2 teaspoons of each).

I whisked for a while. And a while longer. I can’t say exactly how long because I was just sat watching a film in French (L’Auberge Espagnole, if you’re intereseted).

Eventually it began to look somewhat like I’ve seen on TikTok.

So I filled a glass with milk and ice and tried to dump the coffee on top.

This is where things began to differ from TikTok because I could not for the life of me make it look at all decent.

Like, I thought the whole point of this was for the photo opportunities?

But it just sort of slopped its way on top of the milk and looked kind of gross.

I took some pictures anyway, because, you know, pics or it didn’t happen. But I was wholly disappointed that I did not achieve the aesthetically pleasing coffee I was aiming for.

At this point, I didn’t really care what it actually tasted like.

So I mixed the coffee into the milk (can I ask what the point is, if you’re only going to mix it all together in the end anyway?) and took a sip of what by this point seemed to be a regular iced coffee.

Which is no disappointment in itself, I love an iced coffee as much as the next white girl.

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