‘Rona Ramblings: Home Hair Styling

Along with emotional breakdowns and episodes of reinventing yourself, boredom seems to be a key cause of messing with your hair.

Of course, since becoming a frugal uni student, I’ve been cutting my own hair for months so I am well equipped for hair cutting advice (not as equipped as a professional). Also, with the help of my lovely flatmates, I have dyed my hair a grand total of one (1) times, so I have some top tips for dying your hair (well, not really).

Anyway, here’s some tips for home hair styling.

  • Enlist the help of others, if possible. This will ensure someone can see your hair as a whole, otherwise things may come out a little uneven.
  • DO NOT let one flatmate put the dye on on side of your head and a different flatmate do the other, this is a recipe for uneven colouring, I can confirm. 
  • Probably don’t use the same pair of scissors you use for everything else. But in a pinch, no one will be able to tell that you did.
  • Hair is itchy if it gets under your clothes. 
  • Don’t expect a salon-quality level of colour. It won’t happen, forget it.
  • Cut your hair while it is dry, it’s heavier when wet so it may end up shorter than you expected when it dries.
  • Your hair will take a few days to settle after a drastic cut, so keep scissors handy for a few days because you will notice annoying strands that are way too long.
Actually I am out of advice because hair isn’t really my thing, hence why I trim it myself and keep it above my shoulders. I hate dealing with hair, basically. 
Probably what’s best is to leave your goddamned hair alone people.

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