‘Rona Ramblings: Self Isolate in Style

Hey guys! Today I’m back and I’ve got a totally awesome blog post for you!

Now I’ve decided to share some of my best lockdown looks with you, so you guys can have some fashion inspo for your own looks this lockdown!

If you guys feel totally inspired by my post, go ahead and create your own lockdown looks. Then upload them to Instagram with the hashtag #ellieslockdownlooks and tag me. Maybe I’ll even do a feature post with my favourites!

Anyway, guys, it’s now time to get into some of my favourite outfits that I’ve been wearing while I’ve been self-isolating in style.

1. The Little Grey Dress(-ing Gown) 

Such a staple! The little grey dressing gown has always been a firm favourite of mine, it’s so classy and timeless, but also super comfy and cute! Pair with some fluffy socks and a mug of coffee. 

To complete the look, leave your hair unbrushed and your face make-up free, although some deep eyebags will top off the look even further!  

2. Last Night’s Pyjama’s 

Go one step further than the little grey dressing gown and simply wear your pajama’s from last night. This will surely bring some glamour to your lockdown life! You’ll be the sleeping beauty of the ball in a fit like this.  

To complete the look, leave your hair unbrushed again, or even ruffle it further to get that fresh-out-of-bed look. As for make-up make sure you amplify your eyebags, and perhaps add some drool or last night’s tooth paste around your mouth, to make your lips really pop!

3. “I Saw It on TikTok”


I know you’ve been doing nothing but watching TikTok, so take inspo from one of the internet’s fastest growing sites! Just like the girls on TikTok, take an oversized T-shirt (you can get one from your dad, brother or boyfriend’s wardrobe), pair it with a pair of running shorts, and voila! You have a super cute, super trendy outfit. 
To complete the look, add some trainers that you’ve never touched before and some dainty overpriced jewelry. Do a natural make-up look, but don’t forget fake freckles and to smother on too much blusher. 

4. Face-Full of Make-up

Sometimes, it’s not all about the clothing, the main part of your outfit can come completely from your hair and make up! Get all dolled up, as if you were going on a night out but just throw on whatever underneath. 
This outfit is ALL about the FEEL-GOOD aspect, so as long as you feel fabulous, you’ll look FIT.

5. The Burrito 

A nice and easy, yet insanely striking look. Simply ball yourself up in your duvet and refuse to come out. This look will be sure to get you all sorts of attention and tonnes of compliments when you make your way to the kitchen.

To complete the look, you may want to add some fluffy socks, to keep your feet warm. Apart from that, consider the look complete, like I said, it’s SUPER SIMPLE.

6. Gym Qween 


Maybe we can’t go to the gym, but we can do some home exercise, and to really gain from these things, we need to look the part, which is where our sportswear comes in. As we all know, the main reason to go to the gym is to show off our bodies in tight clothing, so make sure you carry this on, by posting a Instagram story of it.
To complete the look, add a water bottle, trainers and maybe a yoga mat. A flushed face from the exercise you do may add to the look, but get that selfie first. 

7. Failed Instagram Make-Up

You saw a gorgeous make-up look on Instagram and decided you have enough free time (this is lockdown after all) to try it out. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. We’ve all been there.

To complete the look, don’t forget the finishing touches of some frustration tear-streaks running down your face.

8. Zoom Business-Woman

She’s strong, she’s independent, she’s sexy… from the waist up. Yep, it’s the classic look of a working-from-home woman. Why bother getting changed on the bottom, when people will only see your top half? Throw some old joggers on, then a smart-casual top, maybe even a suit jacket if you’re feeling really professional.

To complete the look, add some slippers, do your hair neatly, and add a simple, day-to-day makeup look. 

9. The Supermarket Run


For those days that are a little bit more special. You know, you’re out of bog roll and have to make a trip to the supermarket. For this look, find your most recently washed pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket. Don’t forget reusable bags, as you want as few foreign objects entering your house as possible, to reduce the spread of germs. Oh, and of course, some way of covering your mouth.
To complete the look, gather as many loo rolls as you can find. 

10. Day-to-Day 

For the days where staying in pyjamas feels too gross, but you still don’t want to get properly dressed. For this look, a simple pair of joggers paired with a band tee will work just fine. Add a hoodie for colder days and you’re sorted.
To complete the look, don’t bother with make-up, but brush your hair, I promise you’ll feel better. 
So there we have it guys! A complete set of ten lockdown looks for you to pick from! Let me know what you thought in the comments below and don’t forget to share my fashion blog with a friend. 
Also, don’t forget to share your own lockdown looks with me, I LOVE to see what you guys are coming up with! Tag me and use the hashtag #ellieslockdownlooks for a feature! 
Remember ladies, stay smiling xxxxxxxx

DISCLAIMER: Please for the love of God don’t go around thinking this is my actual tone. Come on guys, when have I ever said or written anything like this. Lockdown is sending me mad and I’m running out of ideas. But if you do fancy tagging me in your #ellieslockdownlooks then go right ahead because that will be one blog post I don’t have to write.

Catch ya later, ma dudes. 

2 responses to “‘Rona Ramblings: Self Isolate in Style”

  1. You are missing an essential accessory from your supermarket run style.Your phone, but wrapped in cling film. Not only does this actually work as temporary rain cover when at a festival, it keeps your phone virus free.(But this actually works…)Top the look off with some wireless headphones with microphone built in…


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