‘Rona Ramblings: One, Two, Skip a Few…

Yeah, I skipped a post or two. Sue me.

I am only human, and going from being a ‘once-in-a-blue-moon’ kind of blogger to a ‘once-everyday’ kind of blogger was surprisingly difficult.

Oh well, we’re now on attempt two of ‘a-blog-post-everyday’. And I’ve got some high(ish) hopes for it, as well as a possible reduce the plan to ‘a-blog-post-every-other-day’, especially when the online lectures start again after Easter.

Dogs for views, you know, classic stuff.

Nonetheless, I’m getting through this lockdown thing, slowly but surely. 

I mean I’ve attempted (almost) every hobby under the sun and I’ve willingly (as in, not out of necessity) cooked a few meals (anyone who knows me, knows this is impressive).
I’ve documented every movement my dogs have made. 
I’ve gotten drunk over Facetime.
You know, all those standard lockdown things.
Also my phone broke itself, which we love. My hayfever is going haywire. My skin is awful. I still don’t have abs. 
So all good things happening right now in my life.
I am out of updates anyway, because in actual fact I didn’t miss too many days and I’ve done nothing in the days I’ve missed.
And yes, I know you can see through the fact that this blog post is a nonsense filler post, give me a day to get back in the swing of things. 
stay home and stay healthy peeps x

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