‘Rona Ramblings: Looking Ahead

We’re on day 7 of my daily blog posts, and I’m being to feel a little uninspired.

And here’s an uninspired post, about things I’ll be looking forward to doing once this is all over.

Because this list could go on and on forever, but don’t worry, I won’t actually subject you to that.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s some things that I’ll be looking forward to doing.


I think the whole of the UK will agree with me on this one. There probably isn’t a person out there who wouldn’t kill for a pint outside of ‘Spoons in the sun.


Getting dressed up, having some drinks, and dancing the night away to some god-awful music. What’s not to love.

Seeing my Mates

Oh it’s basic, but it’s essential.

Seeing my Family

Even more basic, but even more essential. Sure, me and my aunt are regularly video calling the rest of our family, but there’s nothing like seeing people IRL. Just want to cuddle my brothers again, to be quite honest.

Physical Contact

On that note, just some physical contact in general would be nice. I am definitely the sort of person who loves a hug every now and then. Even a handshake will be appreciated.

Being with my Boyfriend

I’d have a sad boyfriend if I didn’t include him.

Camping with said Boyfriend

We’d been discussing a camping trip for a little while, for as soon as it gets warm enough. So yeah, this will be happening as soon as we have the chance.


Having been unable to make it to Japan before the Coronavirus set in, I’ll definitely be visiting as soon as I can. I miss Japan enough at the best of times, and we’re all well aware that this is not the best of times.

Real-life French Seminars

Listen, technology is great but some things are just not meant to be online. My French seminars are one of them.


First year was cut short, so I’ll be looking forward to making the most of my second.

Honestly, I could just go on, thinking of random things that I’ll be doing once we’re set free, but I think I’ll leave it there before I get too emotional.

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