‘Rona Ramblings: Socially Distant Dating

Having been separated from my boyfriend for an indefinite amount of time, it is only natural that we took to video calling to stay in touch. But video-calling gets a little bit uninspired, and sometimes you just want to do something a little bit more exciting (or completely and utterly cringe-worthy). Hence, the video-call date.

Something usually reserved for the long-distance lovers (God bless you), the video-call date is the act of having a date, via a video call (self-explanatory really). 
Anyway, we’re like three days into my attempt at a blog everyday and this is the only interesting thing that has occurred, so naturally it makes it into a blog. And my super-informative ‘How to’ Guides seem to go down nicely, so tonight’s ‘Rona Ramblings takes the form of How to Have a Socially Distant Date’. 
You will need:
  • a boyfriend/girlfriend (or just a friend if you want to go on a ‘mate date’… or if you’re some sort of weirdo who wants to do this with a stranger you found on Tinder you can do that too, I guess)
  • a few spare hours
  • dinner
  • cocktail ingredients (or just some booze, if you don’t have a bartender boyfriend who can tell you what to do)
  • a room to yourself (otherwise your date may be gatecrashed by siblings/parents/pets/aunties)
  • probably a candle (for the atmosphere)
Step 1: 
Prepare your dinner, we’re basically trying to emulate a restaurant so get the food prepped outside of your date’s view. Also this prevents them from seeing you be a mess in the kitchen if something goes horrifically wrong, for example, spilling your spaghetti all over the floor and having your dogs eat it up. 
Step 2: 
Set everything else up, like lay the table and stuff. This basically just saves time that you’d want to spend chatting to your partner, rather than pottering around outside the view of your phone/laptop/iPad. 
Step 3:
When you’re ready, and they’re ready, video call your date. I’d recommend using something other than a phone, purely so you get a bigger screen. 
Step 4:
Drinks! Being in lockdown, it’s not like you’re gonna have too many responsibilities or plans, so you’re free to get smashed probably. But getting smashed everyday for no reason quickly gets dull, so you should save it for special occasions like virtual dates. Also, I’m terrible on the phone, so this helps. 
Step 5:
Serve yourself up a delicious meal and get eating. If you’re disgustingly cringey you can make the joke, “so… do you come here often?” but don’t be disappointed if you get a groan, and not a laugh. In fact, if you make that joke, don’t be surprised if they hang up. 
Step 6:
Uhm that’s basically it, from here on in it’s up to you and your date. So, just enjoy, I guess.
I think, aside from the subtle bragging about my relationship (ew), that the main point was that even though though we’re stuck inside with not a lot to do, making something exciting out of the mundane things, like a simple video call, makes this whole ordeal a little less dull.  

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