‘Rona Ramblings: 50 Things to Do while on Lockdown

If you’re anything like me, being stuck at home for an indefinite amount of time may be beginning to drive you up the wall. Thankfully, I’m here with a list of things to do to ease that boredom, if only for a minute.

Without further ado, here’s a list:

  1. Practice an instrument, get frustrated that it doesn’t sound perfect straight away.
  2. Walk the dog, avoid people.
  3. Play with your pets, until they’re bored of you.
  4. Have a photo shoot, stare at the pictures until you hate them, delete them.
  5. Don’t read the news
  6. Take BuzzFeed quizzes, think about how you could make better quizzes.
  7. Make BuzzFeed quizzes, realise it’s too much effort.
  8. Listen to a new podcast, for example the Read Option NFL Podcast ( https://anchor.fm/readoptionnfl ) (Jamie and Lawrence you can thank me for the free advertising later). 
  9. Bake cupcakes, realise you made way too many, eat four cupcakes a day.
  10. Cook a new meal, lament the amount of washing up you made.
  11. Sit outside and listen to the birds, go back inside because the birds have nothing interesting to say.
  12. Start writing a novel, get writer’s block, leave it to the professionals. 
  13. Exercise once, look at your stomach, be disappointed you didn’t get abs yet, try again tomorrow. 
  14. Meditate, feel relaxed for five seconds, until you start worrying about your problems and decide that meditation is a load of bollocks. 
  15. Don’t read the news. 
  16. Play board games, lose, flip the table, ruin family games night.
  17. Download random apps, play them for five minutes, delete them because they have too many ads. 
  18. Phone a friend or family member, remember how much you hat talking on the phone
  19. Start (and finish) a TV series, feel empty inside.
  20. Watch those films (you know, the ones everyone tells you you absolutely must watch, but you never get round to them). 
  21. Drink so much coffee you forget your own name.
  22. Start a TikTok account, cringe, delete. 
  23. Colour in a colouring book, feel at peace, until you go outside the lines.
  24. Follow that Pinterest craft you always wanted to try, realise nothing on Pinterest is the truth.
  25. Scroll through social media. Keep scrolling. And some more.
  26. Make a Spotify playlist. Never listen to it again.
  27. Clean. Then watch the house get dirty again.
  28. Sort out The Drawer. The one with all the stuff inside.
  29. Make that viral TikTok coffee. 
  30. Talk to your pets, it is better than talking to yourself. 
  31. Please the Duolingo bird, learn a language. (Just kidding He will never be satisfied).
  32. Don’t read the news.
  33. Read a book, realise social media has ruined your attention span. 
  34. Attempt some yoga, realise you are not as flexible as you used to be.
  35. Make a cup of tea, forget about it, let it go cold, make another.
  36. Start a bullet journal, realise you have nothing to journal about, quit.
  37. Drink alcohol. 
  38. Whip up a cocktail from whatever you have in your house, drink it all, even though it’s disgusting.
  39. Learn a dance routine, film yourself dancing, watch it and realise how awful it is.
  40. Try to film TikTok dances, still cringe, still delete. 
  41. Fine, read the news. But you’ll regret it later (ignorance is bliss).
  42. Watch your neighbours, to see if they go for more than one walk a day – report them.
  43. Open the Houseparty app, get scared because you don’t know how it works, close it without talking to anyone.
  44. Put on some makeup, go nowhere, take it off.
  45. Play the Sims. Murder someone (on Sims, please!). 
  46. Actually do some uni work (maybe?). 
  47. Take a bath, pamper yourself, let your skin go all wrinkly.
  48. Skincare!!! 
  49. Read all of my blog posts, from all three of my blogs. (EllieMayBlogUnmusically Inclined, and Unnatural Habitat).
  50. Decide you can do it better, start your own blog.

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