What’s even the point in a personal blog?

For some reason, when I started this blog, I’d thought I’d have enough stuff to write about outside of my life in Japan that it would be a good idea for me to have a separate space to write about it all.

Fat load of use that was – I’ve got like five decent posts on this blog.
I’m not in Japan anymore though (oh how I wish I was), so now I can’t post anything on my Japan-focused blog (though I suppose it was a travel blog, supposedly, so perhaps I’ll stick occasional holiday posts there). 
This is where this blog might finally come in useful. 
What am I even supposed to talk about here though (genuine suggestions welcome)? 
I honestly don’t think I have enough to say to keep this up, so once again, we’re gonna head on an unpredictable journey of my thoughts.

Embarking once again on the least popular of journeys, I guess, considering this blog gets the lowest frequency of hits (apart from in Russia, apparently?).

That said, hopefully I can create plenty of situations that prompt writing about, especially now I’m living alone and have to clean my own toilet. 

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