Yes, I Got Lost

Today, I needed to attend a meeting with a prospective language school where I planned to learn some Japanese (as honestly, it would just suck to be here for a YEAR and not have at least learnt a little of the language).

So I looked it up on Google Maps, saw it was a 15 minute walk from me and thought ‘yeah, that seems easy enough to get to’.

Of course, in my life, things rarely seem to go smoothly.

I gave myself half an hour to find my way to the school, just in case I got lost.

Unfortunately that wasn’t long enough.

I had been walking for about 15 minutes when I realised that I really should be near. Nothing seemed to match the map though. I panicked, but headed to the nearest convenience store and used the store’s free WiFi to check my whereabouts.

Somehow, I was still 15 minutes away from the school. I seemed to have gone too far in one direction.

Well this was annoying, but I still had 15 minutes to get there. I headed in the direction that Google Maps was saying.

I was still wary about getting lost though, so at the next place I saw that offered free WiFi, I checked again.

Again, I remained about 15 minutes away from the school. Damn, I would just have to walk fast.

So I walked fast, doing my best to follow the map, checking it at any free WiFi hotspots I could find. And yet, I remained 15 or so minutes away from my destination every time I checked.

Eventually, I reached a point where I was already half an hour late and thought that it would be more worthwhile to head home. So I checked Google Maps (by this point, I felt like I knew the vague direction of home, but I had no idea exactly where I was) and hoped that this time it wouldn’t fail me.

Finally I found myself back on a street that I recognised (though, weirdly, not the street that I thought I was on) and trudged home, defeated and disappointed in myself, but also with a heavy sense of relief that I was not completely lost.

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