For Goodness Sake Ellie, Just Turn on Your Laptop and Type

Something I guess I struggle with a lot is getting myself into the right headspace for writing. It takes me so long to actually sit myself down and get into the writing zone. But once I’m there all sorts of nonsense just rolls out of my brain and onto a blank document.

I rarely just sit down with my laptop and type. Oh no,  we have to make a big deal out of it. So, I think to myself at whatever time I’ll have a few spare hours that I can use to write. Okay cool, we’ve got a plan, we’ve got a time.

But that time will come, and I’ll think “oh maybe I’ll just eat something for lunch first”. So, I’ll make some lunch, I’ll sit down and eat it, I’ll scroll through Facebook and Instagram while I eat. And I’ll keep scrolling when I’m done. Eventually I’ll stop scrolling and I’ll tidy away my lunch things, do the washing up.

Okay! I’ve eaten, I can start writing now, right?

Oh no… I should probably tidy my room or something. And when I say tidy my room, I mean sit on my bed and look at Twitter.

What I’m saying is that there’s always something that seems to stop me from writing something.

And finally, when I do decide to settle down and write something or other, the whole process begins.

You see, I can’t just sit down with my laptop and start writing… There’s a ritual to it.

First, I must absolutely make at least one form of hot beverage. Usually this is coffee, but sometimes I just really fancy a cup of tea or if I’m feeling healthy maybe a herbal tea. Sometimes I can’t possibly decide so I make a couple of hot drinks.

Then, if you’re having a hot drink, you probably also will need a cold drink to sip on, once your hot drink is finished. Personally, I struggle to drink plain water so I then spend a while chopping up a lemon to make myself an infused water. Basic, but it tastes better.

Right, now I know I’ll be hydrated it’s time to prepare a snack. After all, there’s nothing like eating while working. Makes it all a bit more bearable.

Fed and watered, I have to then set up some music. I mean, you absolutely must choose the right playlist to listen to, otherwise you might end up getting distracted and trying to find a different one to listen to will take too long.

Finally I’ll probably grab myself a notepad too, just in case I’d like to scribble something down or doodle or make some attempt at a plan before I type anything. Working analog is much easier for some things so I need the option.

Hopefully, once I’ve completed all this, I can get started. Usually though, at this point I’ll get a message from a friend and spend the rest of my dedicated writing time on my phone.

As you can see, this whole writing malarkey is a big deal for me. It’s no wonder I go months without writing a single blog post.

Really, I should just turn on the laptop and type. 

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