Incessant Rambling

The problem with a blog like mine is that with no structure and/or set theme I don’t really know what I’m supposed to write.

My other blogs centre around a certain topic (one is about music, the other about my year abroad in Japan) and therefore I can always think of something to write about, focused on that topic.

Here, however, I am free to write about whatever the hell I want.

In theory, this sounds brilliant, right? It can just be a thought dump.

But in reality I’m not sure that many people would want to read my ‘thought dump’, nor would I be comfortable with people reading it.

Perhaps, then, I should be sharing my opinions on current topics and trends or sharing tips on fashion or food or general lifestyle issues. The issue with that is that generally I find myself to be not overly opinionated on any of those things.

Some people might say that I lead a dramatic enough life to just write about that but again that seems too private (and risks mentioning other people who may not be overly happy to feature).

So why am I writing?

A colleague once told me that through writing I possess the power to change the world. In reply I laughed and expressed my doubt about that.

Maybe he was right, though. I could use my words to influence and persuade.

I could, but in general I choose not to.

Personally I believe I lack the drive and conviction that the sort of people who change the world have. I don’t really see much point in changing the world (though of course the current state of our world does leave much to be desired) when it is just much easier to manipulate the world and make it work for me. Selfish? Maybe.

In general life, I tend to aim to entertain others, and myself. I’m the sort of person who’ll tell countless tales about myself, even ones that don’t present me in a particularly positive or impressive light, just to make everyone else laugh.

Some people say that I’m the sort of person that seems to have had many exciting experiences.

I haven’t – I simply know how to make something wholly mundane seem exciting.

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